When a girl doesn't text back?
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  1. When a girl doesn't text back?

    Hey guys,

    Simple pick up scenario. Got a bunch of numbers Thursday night and Friday night. Now I text messaged this one girl on Saturday when I got her number Friday night and she didn't reply. It's weird because when I picked her up she was showing interest but it's obvious no text back no interest and texing her again will make me look needy. Now I think I didn't built much attraction with that specific girl. I opened great, transitioned great but I didn't really build any attraction so could that be the problem she ain't texing back? It's just for experience sake. I have other numbers to play with.

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    Delete them. If she doesn't have your number include something that indicates to her who you are when you text for the first time, next time. If you are against deleting them wait a week and call her.

  3. Ya already deleted her. If I met her at a social circle event then I would wait a week to call her but normally in a club it should be very soon. I gotta start building a lot more comfort beofre I get a chicks number, I realize they are more likely to flake when I don't.

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    Here is a good rule for you to go by, don't number close until after you K-close or F-close her. Don't get in the mindset that you have to go build comfort to get a phone number, if you are in a position to be building comfort then you should be working towards a kclose or fclose anyhow. Read that part twice.

    If logistics are against you then don't get her number without time-bridging to a day2.

    format = "soi, future projection - number close. Future projection."

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    I don't agree with Chill84. It's just my opinion.

    One reason you can kiss close or F-close a girl is if she thinks that you'll be around and that she has the option of meeting you again. That's not all girls but most of them. How can she be sure that you'll stick around if you've already kissed her and you never asked for her number?

    Sorry dude that had nothing to do with your original thread but here's a good text opener after a few days that really works:

    "Do you surf?"

    But you have to establish the fact that your sending the text.

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    Two things:

    1) If she doesn't reply to the text, that doesn't mean she's not interested! It could mean a total number of things, your brain just jumped to the worst possible scenario. Maybe it never made it to her phone, maybe her phone broke, maybe she doesn't respond to texts, bla bla bla. I go by: if she doesn't respond to a text, wait a couple days, then call her. Then you can know for sure whether she answers the call, or it hits her voicemail/missed call list.

    2)In response to chill84, you don't have to wait for the kiss or the fuck to number close. I've number closed girls with boyfriends and rules and girls in poorly timed situations without a kiss. It might be a bit harder if there isn't a kiss in the night to set up a day2, but its perfectly doable. But, just thinking now, I'm going to reword what chill said:

    Don't settle for the number early if there is a reality of kissing her.

    Meaning: If you think there's a probability of kissing her at some point, hold off on getting the number too early. This is for a couple reasons; A) she'll more than likely be into you at that point and want to see you again, so she'll be wanting to give you her number. Not going for it will build tension and make the kiss easier to obtain. And B) if you go for the number earlier on and obtain it, she has the possibility of holding out on giving you the number. That's not extremely likely, but it's much better to build up a sexual base (kissing) for her to reflect on later on.

  7. Thanks for the replies guys.

    Well I went out with a few guys to show them how to pick up so it was like 4 guys watching me from a distance open a different set every time and I had to close quick and move on.

    The thing is I deleted her number and focused on other girls but she texted me back today all enthusiastic so I will probably text her tomorrow and then call her but why did she wait 2 days to text back? Maybe shes playing a game or the text delayed? Either way I obviously wont ask her why she waited which would be a newbie mistake and just continue normally.

    I agree and disagree with the k close or f close because if I f close then there's always follow up. If I k close it will give her the wrong impression, I think, and she might feel that's all I want from her so she'll technicality get buyers remorse.

  8. like kink said, numerous things could have come up. maybe she lost her phone. maybe she was in a bad mood. who knows
    i was hanging out with one of my good girl friends at work, and her bf was texting her. she just looked at the phone and said "ahh i just dont want to respond to him right now, ill text him later". no reason, just didn't feel like it.


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