Good cheap places to shop for clothes?
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    Good cheap places to shop for clothes?

    One big problem I have is my sense of style. My wardrobe is basically walmart clothes and have no accessories whatsoever.

    So where would be the best place to get nicer clothes for cheap? Is there a guide that shows how to improve your look? I am pretty much in the deep end in this department.

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    I personally shop at Express. Their clothes are classy and stylish. Prices seem pretty high, which they are, $50 for a dress shirt. But they have crazy sales like once a month. Also places like Macy's where they have cool shit on big sales. I usually go shopping once or twice a week just to see whats new and whats on sale. Even if I get a shirt or a pair or pants, I like to consistently increase my wardrobe. Hope this helps.


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    You can go to those places that he mentioned, but you don't have get everything there. I mean you can mix it up, I recommend you go to Target instead of walmart, because they have some nice designer stuff there and some classy stuff as well. Also, what I mean by mix it up is that you buy a shirt from Express but where jeans from JCpenny etc... Also, I kind of work at Target so im kind of bias towards it, but check it out you may never know what you find. O and stores like Buffalo exchange or even a thrift store, you can find some wonderful gems there.


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