Mr. M and Braddock Inner Game Seminar - LA, October 2008

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    Mr. M and Braddock Inner Game Seminar - LA, October 2008

    Braddock and Mr M really nailed this topic, too bad it's a first launch because we're only able to roll out about half of these material and still I felt like the whole room had so much extreme value coming out of this seminar. Basically these seminar information was pulled out and talked about inner game, how to program your mind toward it. Why depression happens and etc. I really recommend taking this seminar, because it will improve your life especially if you don't have this down. Cant wait for the next seminar on inner game because i get to see the whole material!

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    Braddock and Mr M rolled out a new seminar on inner game. I've always wondered how you can improve your inner psychology at a much faster rate. My idea on inner game was that you'll get more confidence and self-esteem by continually experiencing successes, kind of the approach going from outer game to inner game. If you keep getting better at pickup, you'll get more success, and as you keep getting more successes (dates, lays, social circle, etc) then you'll automatically get your inner game up to par. For example, I always thought I could never get Caucasian girls (me being Asian). Then I got a Caucasian fuck buddy and now I think I can get every Caucasian girl! But this took me a long time to realize. What if I never met her at that specific location at that specific time? I still would have been stuck with that limiting belief.

    But this is a long process going from outer game to inner game, so I was really curious and excited at the same time to take this seminar so I can speed up the process. I've been struggling with some limiting beliefs and having confidence issues on a deep level. Sometimes I think, "Do I really deserve a ten?" I don't even want those thoughts coming up...

    I would consider myself a happy person most of the time, but when my personal situation gets in trouble it will affect me BAD. For example, I remember times when my business was in big trouble and that I was in big financial trouble. All day long all I was thinking how I could solve this problem and consequently whenever I was going out I got blown out all day long for several weeks. My inner game problems affected my outer game.

    But if you have yourself put together and have confidence, these problems should bounce right off you and your emotions shouldn't be your deciding factor for making decisions. Braddock and Mr M (with Sheriff) have this excellent interview series on "Being an Alpha Male" (vol 25) that has some really good inner game concepts. I've been reading these notes every 2 weeks and I was hoping the inner game would go deeper on it. Also, I didn't want this seminar to be a summary of several self-help books.

    Braddock starts off with an interesting quote: "If you want to change the world, you have to change yourself first". We are told what the concepts are for the pathway to change. And so we begin with Mr M and Braddock starting off with giving a break down of how we can change ourselves on a biological level. They give scientific evidences and reasoning on how we can change. It was very captivating, especially after I attended the mini-seminar on inner game at the super conference. They talk about neuronets, peptides and other scientific concepts which are very interesting. I loved how they demonstrated these concepts with their hand movements, that really got stuck in my head. Every time when they asked us something on neuronets, I would answer them with my hand movements! It really stuck.

    Have you ever met someone and you knew right away that THAT person has his life together? I certainly have and Braddock and Mr M explain how that works. Apparently we have certain receptors for detecting what someone else "feels" inside. Imagine when you have your inner psychology together, you walk up to a girl, and she can feel right away that you're a REAL confident guy. That's attraction right of the bat before you even do something.

    Then they go over paradigm shifts, how you know when you get one, and how to look for them. This was super interesting. Of course the concept of "value" couldn't be overlooked. That's one of the core concepts in pickup, and I liked how they related pickup concepts with some biology and psychology concepts. It is like when you read "Influence" and relate those concepts to pickup, your eyes will open up and everything starts making sense. During the whole seminar, I was getting new ideas and just kept nodding my head. Thing started to click, or like how Mr M would do it Jim Cramer style: BOOOYAAHHHH!

    "To find yourself, you need get a little bit lost"
    Great quote! We went over setting goals and what that does to you. Task completion feels good to the body and Braddock explained why you want to set small goals every time you go out. It has biological AND psychological effects on you that will improve your inner game. They also went over the behaviors that are unattractive (like neediness) and how you can avoid and fix them. You can't always fix them over night, but knowing what you're working on helps in improving your self-esteem. Also the concept of "being the in the moment", something I didn't FULLY understand from Tolle's book, is discussed. You can be in the moment all the time if you have yourself together and Braddock and Mr M go over in details about this.

    There were so many more concepts. In fact, we didn't even complete the full seminar in 6 hours. We completed maybe 1/3 of the whole seminar and it turned out that it's going to be a 2 day seminar. Love Systems is kind enough to give me and the other attendees free access to future inner game seminars since we didn't finish the whole seminar. It's hard to criticize this seminar because I didn't get the chance to do the whole seminar, but here's one thing: More practical exercises or points to know. A lot was concepts and scientific break downs. I would have loved for them to tell us, "do this and this and this....write this down....." so it's more practical. How do you apply this knowledge? This is what I missed. One time we did do it by writing down on what we do when we seek approval. It got me thinking and when I heard the answers of others, it made me realize I do it too. Another was when they said, "write down all the limiting beliefs you have" and so I did. Now Mr M and Braddock should have gone over them with each and one of us to discuss them. I think then it will have a bigger impact when you say them out loud and them providing feedback.

    Every single time I go over my notes, I learn new things. At the time when I was writing these concepts down, I didn't fully grasp them. But every time I reread them, I'm starting to see things more clearly. I'm starting to understand what Mr M and Braddock mean and it feels good. The material they gave me is so powerful that I'm reading it every night before I go to bed to internalize it. If you've listened to the "Being an Alpha Male" IVS and you liked it, then you will LOVE this seminar. It covers those concepts in a LOT more detail and in more practical ways too. I honestly can't say that this seminar killed my inner daemons, but it has certainly made me aware of inner game concepts. The information they give you is money! I can't wait for the full seminar!
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  3. Mr. M and Braddock Inner Game Seminar - LA, October 2008

    INNER GAME! = Insane!

    For me, this was worth the price of the whole weekend. Mr M and Braddock have something that is worth millions. Fuck Chicken Soup for the Soul, Fuck all those other self-help books, fuck the psychiatrist taking your money, fuck prozac, fuck the countless number of hours you can spend memorizing routines and lines from these forums, inner game is mostly all you need.

    "In order to change the world around you, you have to change yourself" -quote started by Mr M as the 1st words of the seminar. Mr M and Braddock broke down human psychology and gave us the steps we needed to reprogram our brains to be the person we want to be. You can memorize all the lines and routines you want, but women sense energy. If you don't deliver ++energy with confidence, anything you say means nothing.

    Anybody who is looking for that "i am the man" rush, for better business and social interactions, for life altering information you didn't know about yourself, this seminar is the answer. As for the instructors, they were the 2 of the 3 best instructors at the conference. Thank you Mr M and Braddock.

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    Mr. M and Braddock Inner Game Seminar - LA, October 2008

    Inner game?!
    I've been waiting for this and I was soooo excited that Braddock and Mr. M collaborated and put this out. First of all its been a while, so I don't remember much but considering my experience taking Social Circle Mastery with Braddock before, I knew he wasn't going to disappoint.

    I've always had an issue with inner game, and ever since getting involved in game I've been lucky enough to have feedback from certain instructors telling me that my vocal projection is weak, body language can be poor at times, and I mumble. I knew I had bad inner game but I didn't know I projected it outwardly as much as I'm told. Anyhow, I am a lot more confident than I used to be and taking an inner game seminar contributed to that.

    I can't tell you much about the seminar, for one thing it was a few months ago so I don't remember too much. I know in fact that I enjoyed it very much, and once I review my notes, I'm sure a lot of it will click again. Off the top of my head though, what I do remember, is that the Lovesystems innergame seminar really points out the workings of the brain and why we act the way we do. For the average person, neuroneds (SP?) and peptides is not a part of your daily lexicon, but once you take this seminar, if you're like me, I don't go a day without mentioning those two words.

    Its so hard to change your daily habits, especially if you got bad ones, and try to become a better newer version of you, but by taking this seminar I remind myself why I need to change and how I'm going to go about that. I've read some other inner game material, and a lot of it is bullshit, kinda like some self-help books in a way where it doesn't really do anything for you but make you even more depressed.

    I work for lovesystems as an intern, so its in my best interest to pump up the seminar, but I'm being as candid as possible and telling you guys that its definitely worth the money.

    In my opinion, I think you should take the innergame seminar first, then a bootcamp. Innergame is not something you can pretend to have, well you can but in the end it'll show if you're insecure. However, if you know how to work on your innergame and work on certain self-limiting beliefs, then being good at game is soo much easier. First of all, you're not trying to be something you're not, because you're just being you without any fear. Secondly, people fall in and out of game all the time, for whatever reason, but in the long run especially as you get older, great innergame will open so many doors for you. On the contrary, bad inner game is like a disease, a never ending cycle, and the longer you harbor it the more it becomes a part of you.

    I'm 27 years old and I've had a very rough uprbringing,and I didn't look at myself in a positive light. Yet the past few months, I've noticed the change in me and the way people react to the new me. I can't tell you how much that makes me feel, because I lost that inner light that I used to have because of just all this negativity I had in me. Now I'm glad to say that I like me and I for a long time I never thought that I ever would again. I'm digressing but writing it out like this is a way for me to process it better.

    So for all of you wondering is it worth it? YES! Is it going make you a better person? YES! Is it going to be easy? NO! BUT, if you really cared and with the help of this new found knowledge, it will steer you in the right direction. For those of you who go to this seminar, be prepared to hear things that might rattle you a little bit. Like Braddock and MR. M say, its mindblowing stuff. I couldn't disagree, its man I don't know, you just gotta try it out for yourself. Especially, considering you get a money back gaurantee if you're not satisfied (but I don't see why you would).

    Lastly, I know lot of you aren't rich or some of you complain that bootcamps are too expensive or you'll do it later. I don't know what you're waiting for. Stop being a pussy and go out there, take a chance, spend the money and thank yourself later. Who doesn't wanna grow and be the better version of themselves. I did, and here I am. I've only just begun, and look at me now. I'm nowhere near where I wanna be but I see the light, and if you're like me that's gonna propel you to keep going.

    I digress again, and I know I might be rambling, but back to money. Taking a inner-game seminar is only $950 (especially if you can't afford a bootcamp, then I suggest spend it on this) and thats a steal for what you get out of it. Whoever you take it with, MR. M or Braddock, you'll appreciate the valuable knowledge they present to you. These guys really care and come on who wants to go to a inner game seminar if the instructor doesn't give a shit. (we went way over the allotted time to go over this material, that's dedication)

    Anyway, I'll shut up now, go and sign up, you guys know where. If you don't know, now you do, Home|-|Love Systems - Formerly the Mystery Method Corp. - Pickup artist skills and dating advice or call the office 323 836 0150. If you have any questions, Contact me, NOAH (ext 120) or ask for Jeremy the program manager. That's it hope you guys go, I'm out.

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