Intimate Encounter Craig's List Question...
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  1. Intimate Encounter Craig's List Question...

    Hell I was bored and decided to make a profile on Craig's List in the intimate encounters section. And I get a few messages from locals in my area. They personalize the message to make it seem genuine. But then they all send me a link to their "webcam" where you have to sign up to talk to them...

    I have had this happen to me once on myspace before. Their profiles on those webcam sites, their craig's list profiles, and email exchanges seem very CONGRUENT. I know its all BS, but has anyone had any positive experience from these type of situations?

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    Bots fucking suck. i just moved to hollywood used it a couple times theres actually a few HB's that you will encounter but none of them have a personality at all on average. All of the HB's turn out to be bots too though.


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