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    budget seminars

    Does anyone know where to go to find a seminar for possibly a lower cost or a more affordable payment plan? $3K is a big step for a 21 year old these days.

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    Yes you are correct. 3K is a bit steep for a 21 year old. If would take a look at

    1. Mehow's BC (especially one with Dr. Fuji teaching-he is a very good instructor). Here is my review of Mehow's BC with price for seminar only at 497 plus each night of infield $500.


    2. Practical Pickup (I have met all the coaches). There weekend BC is 800 I think. Email them to confirm. I think it is 2 days Saturday and sunday.

    3. Brad P presents. His BC is either 1,395 or 1,295 for two days, with an extra optional day at 395 or 495 I think. Brad is solid.

    These are all solid BC's for the price. I suggest you also find a good PUA in your area and do like 100 approaches and get rid of approach anxiety before the seminar. You will get more out of the BC that way.

    I also suggest reading Magic Bullets, Brad P adventures/Lay reports, Sinn's Game Acceleration Doctrine, and the venusian Arts handbook before you attend these BC's.

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    You get what you pay for. If I were I would save up money for a LS bootcamp, I took one just this past weekend. Over the weekend I crushed two sticking points and the instructors are really one of the best.

    While you save for a bootcamp, get out and get as many sets done before you take a bootcamp. The more sets you've done before a BC, the more you will get out of it.

    Trust me, it's worth saving the money.
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    I also think the Superconference is an outstanding value. Three days of access to some of the best guys at this, who share freely, and can answer questions and coach you in the exercise room and provide outstanding presentations on various topics. Depending on your needs, and whether in club coaching is what you are looking for, I'd say save up for the conference only package, if that's within your reach.

    Different folks learn different ways. A book or online written material, a recorded audio podcast, and instructor led classes have different effectiveness levels with different folks. I learn best when I do some foundational reading, and then add interactive training from an instructor. I use podcasts as a means of refreshing my knowledge.


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