FR: 10/18/08 - Love Systems Super Conference D2

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    FR: 10/18/08 - Love Systems Super Conference D2

    State of Mind
    Second night of the bootcamp! I was going out with Cajun and Kisser, two absolutely cool guys, that I've worked with over the LS Super Conference. After a first good night of progress and great feedback, it was time for another killer night.

    Goal for the Night
    Move girls more around the venue and make sure that my instructors were seeing me. I'm slowly starting to realize how important compliance is. Without testing for compliance, you can't really tell how far you are with the girl. Also, I needed to show that I really screen girls, like throwing out a big hoop so that the girl knows she's being screened.

    I would always built emotional momentum with small hoops and then a lot of medium hoops, but I realized I never really did the big hoops. So I needed to do that this time.

    Progress of my Goal
    We meet up at a bar and shoot the shit with some other instructors and students. Over the course of the night, I moved several girls around the venue. This showed to me that I can build attraction, but it's something I'm nothing always aware of. Attraction is really not that big of a deal.

    Random Sets
    At the first bar, one student comes in at a seated set with "Sorry I'm late" and 1 minute later I do the exact same thing to the set. It was funny but the set dies soon as I sit there alone with 5 girls. Good warm up.

    At the next venue things start to click. I get on the patio and open up the first set I see. Then I ask Cajun how he would handle this mixed 3set (ffm). The guy is locked in by leaning against a armchair and the two girls are surrounding him. He tells me about how you can lockin by leaning back and putting all your weight on your back foot. I practise the stance with him and then open the set. The guy is being a bit cold at first, but I treat him with respect. Slowly but surely the girls like me, so every time the guy started to fuck with me, it would make him look bad, even though he was the husband of the obstacle.

    I teased my target a bit and ignored her for the first few minutes. Then Cajun comes in to wing and his banter is just really good. Too funny The set didn't really go anywhere and I think I didn't build that much attraction with my girl, although she would jump through my hoops. Cajun told me later that I did have attraction, but I miss a lot of windows of escalation.

    Next set I come as a wing and isolate of the girls. We do fuck marry kill and I parade her around the venue. I see Moxie and he greets me like I'm some bigshot. Toooooo funny. I love that guy, he's so full of positive energy and goofy, and he knows his stuff.

    I sit down with her so I'm fully isolated away from her friends. I didn't want to make the mistake of the previous night, when I went for the kiss in front of her friends. So I'm running Cajun's comfort routine again to escalate the interaction more sexual. Right away she gets a call and it's one of her friends. Since we were isolated away from people, I couldn't really talk to other people nearby. So I sit there as a tool waiting for her to end her call. She leaves and I go to Cajun for feedback. He told me to basicly leave first and tell her she needs to answer her phone, we could talk later.

    I could have re-opened that set, but I decided to move on and start opening other sets.

    Best Set of the Night
    Kisser tells me to open this 3set of girls.

    SS: You guys seem friendly, are you guys cool?
    HBBlond: Yes we are.
    SS: Great, Hi I'm SirSlick.

    Easy. Now this where it gets messy. Obviously the blond one is the hottest but I tease her real quick and then start working the two other girls, HbLaw and HbChubby. Guy X (not real handle, instructor in training I think?) starts to isolate my target (he was at the BC just to chill) and I was like, "Hmmm that's my target. Oh well, I'll go for HbLaw then, she's cute". Just a minor miscommunication here.

    My co-student takes the obstacle and now I isolate my new target. We parade the venue again with Fuck Marry Kill and I can really talk to this girl. She's intelligent, something I value very much, and she impresses me with her knowledge. So far so good.

    Then we head back to her friends, because I wanted to make sure her friends were cool with me. We then all move outside and then the other two want to play FMK too. So I parade the patio with these three girls and shoot the shit for a little bit.

    Then I finally get the blond girl isolated. I tell her to play FMK and she says "I want to fuck" in away she didn't have dick for a while and wants some now. She didn't look at me while she said it, but I got the signal. Then I move her to get a more secure spot but it was so crowded that we could barely move. So I whisper in her ear:

    SS: If all these people weren't here....I would bend you over that table.....and take care of business.
    HbBlond: *giggles*

    I'm still looking for a way to get out of this patio and look for a secure spot to get some action. After like 5 minutes of no movement, she wants to head back to her friends. I'm like, "FUCKKKKK" I blew it again. She now really doesn't want to move with me anymore and so we walk back to her friends.


    So by now I've switched target once. Guy X comes back and he goes back to talking to the blond girl. So I head back to my old target and I call over Moxie to help me out what to do next.

    By now I make HbLaw my target again after Moxie worked her a bit. I move her around more and now I really start throwing a big hoop. She knows that I'm screening her but she complies, so it's good. It felt really weird to throw out that blatant big hoop, and faking "I'm so high value, you should be happy that you're around me and I'm not impressed by your looks..." It felt a bit incongruent, but that's a sign I stepped out of my comfort zone, and I'm happy with that. From that moment on, everything I did to test compliance, she complied. It was ALMOST game over.

    I tried to kiss her twice when I was fully isolated but she didn't want to do it. But every time I did go for it and she rejected it, I acted like it was no big deal and kept talking. Since she was driving her friends home, I just went for the timebridge.

    Worst Sets of the Night
    No big blowouts, just some sets that didn't hook. No biggie.

    Sticking Points
    Closing the deal. Twice I've been so close to a venue close but I just couldn't fix the logistics and really push it.

    Goals for Next Time
    Braddock and Cajun gave me some really good feedback that I can work with. I will post another time what my exact SP are and what I'm going to do about it.

    Great BC

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    nicely done bro.. Wish i could have been there.

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    Sick shit, man. That's the kind of stuff I like to hear!


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