What to do on Sunday Night?
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  1. What to do on Sunday Night?

    I'm off Sat and Sun nights, last night I went to the club. I wanna go out again tonight but not sure where to go.. just watching the pick up artist 2 right now, but should I hit the bars by myself?

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    Unless you and your wings have practiced accomplishment introduction your shooting yourself in the foot by bringing extra guys. You could bring a girl to convey value if you want.

    Some good ideas in magic bullets for your first few times out (Before you have read everything) that you can put to practice.

  3. Sunday nights are great day 2 situations.

    Meet up at a sports bar type place.

    Or go there and game chicks.

    Best to have some social circle proof.

    A good idea is meet a set, and get the whole set there. Then you can game the target, as just the cool, fun social guy.

    It's great if it's some local place where everybody knows your name and so forth. Besides, what else you gonna do on a Sunday afternoon?

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    I go out all the time by myself
    It's good for you. GO!


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