Maintaining interest; AMOG strategy

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    Maintaining interest; AMOG strategy

    I had an interesting experience last night. My target (a 9, easily) was really into this guy, giving him lots of proximity IOIs and trying to impress him with her knowledge of english literature and other topics. It was obvious that she was *really* into him, and that she wasn't getting anywhere with it (I think the guy was taken). Anyway, I figured I'd run my game on her.

    We were in a four set, and target was hitting on the AMOG mercilessly. I figured I'd start in with some negs, so I went to my target's friend and said "my God, does she always talk this much?" Friend said "oh yeah, she never lets up!" At which point target says (to me) "you're an asshole!" and I say "that's cold!" and she says "I mean in a sexy way". It surprised me she'd say this when she was obviously hitting on another guy (or maybe she was trying to make the guy jealous?), but anyway, I continued with some improvised negs.

    What happened was, for a few minutes anyway, it seemed the target's attention was going back and forth between me and the AMOG. It was like, by default, she fixated her attention on him, but with each neg, she spent more time talking to and flirting with me. This went on for a few minutes, until eventually the target's friend started giving me IOIs and I got caught up in a conversation with her (a good conversation, btw, but I wasn't interested in her at all.)

    Anyway, I have two questions based on this experience.

    1. When you get a girl who's attention is "shifting back and forth" between you and an AMOG, what can you do to definitively steal the girl's attention away from the guy? (My negs seemed to be effective only in getting the girl's interest for a few minutes at a time)

    2. I'm finding that, for whatever reason, my game is really good at attracting every girl in the group *except* my target. It's like, when I neg my target, her less attractive friends take it as their cue that I'm interested in them, and they try to isolate me.


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    Were you just negging her then not saying anything afterwards? if you had her attention you might want to try and dhv.

    also, if she was just going to spend her entire night hitting on this dude who wasn't into her, why not take her less attractive friend? unless she was nasty or something. you said you had a great conversation with her.


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