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    First off i'm new to the forums so I want to say hi! I'm 20 years old I think that i severly intimidate women. I am very could be on a magazine cover muscular....get my point? I honestly feel that women are scared of me. Everytime i go to clubs or bars i have women asking me if i'm on steroids. I got called jonny bravo!?!?! Would you consider that an IOI?! Also, could I use them to my advantage? I dunno like peacocking?

    Any advice would be great,


  2. Shit test, son, they're shit testing you.

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    Muscle is a big advantage and every guy wants to be the biggest. Dude, do you know how much pussy Arnold got?? Him and Columbo or his workout buddies after working out would go back and fuck chicks as a release after a tough workout. Most big guys get laid really easy I always thought.

    But oddly I have heard girls like muscles but not the bodybuilding insane muscle. Don't know how true that is. IMO I think it's the freakish veins and sickly definition that doesn't look human, not the mass.

    Dude you have a leg up being big as fuck, you command attention when you walk in as the baddest mother f'er in their and convey alpha. Some girls though I'm sure have never been with a guy as big as you and it is different. Muscles are better than clothes, it's automatic attention, you just need to convey the positives like the discipline in your life and show that you don't put chicks on a pedestal, they are second to lifting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by falcon05 View Post
    But oddly I have heard girls like muscles but not the bodybuilding insane muscle. Don't know how true that is. IMO I think it's the freakish veins and sickly definition that doesn't look human, not the mass.
    Actually, it's true. Bodybuilding muscles are NOT attractive. They're huge, bulky, but have little actual strength, and girls can tell. If they're asking you if you use steroids, that's not an IOI. Of course you can still turn them to your advantage and get laid...but it's gotta be your personality coming through, not the looks.

    The most attractive muscular guy I have seen has been trained in the military. He had huge muscles, but you could see they were tightly compacted rather than inflated. Thus, he had strength, agility, and speed, all together in one big sexy package.

    If you want to change the way your muscles look, check out the exercise section. Otherwise, develop your personality to use what you got to your advantage.

    My 2 cents,


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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder & that includes muscle men. To the OP, it's hard to give you valuable & honest feedback without a picture so post up! Sometimes guns are sexy and sometimes not. It depends on how lean, symmetrical, etc. the guy is...and how he dresses, carries himself/posture, etc...

  6. I'm not super lean. I just have a lot of mass for someone my age. I am very symmetrical. I do get tested..alot. Do you think I could use some kind of opener involving my arms or something? or should it be more indirect?

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    bravos just looking for a hunk to stare at lmao.

    are you on juice? honest answer please. cause a guy of your supposed size is not natural, and creatine wont work on me either. ive been around gyms for a long time bro.

    muscularity is intimidating. why do you think alot of guys wont fuck with a big ass dood, but will a small one?

    if youre juiced, you might have an intimidating look on your face, or hostile body language, and not even realize it. if youre a serious looking fellow, add in a shitload of mass and youve got a guy few want to talk to. you could be unstoppable.

    do you have a vascular appearance? alot of girls dont dig veins dood. after a point, size and low BF is as much about your own ego and impressing the guys, than it is girls. many girls dont like it after a certain point.

    just things to think over, but if you cant easily overcome this, id say youre doing something to make it impassable.

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    Actually girls most go for guys that are of the build that you'd see in a perfume ad or the like, swimmers builds. lean and muscular, not the pumped up, veins popping type. The majority of girls are turned off by a guy that's buffed up like the cover of MuscleMag.

    Just like everything in life, too much of a good thing is overkill...

  9. I'm not super veiny because my body fat isn't that low. No, I have never injected oil into my body. I have used "prohormones" before though. some perople think they work some think there a waste of time. I've been lifting for 8 years. I'm 5'10 240ish. Actually, last year people used to tell me I'm more of a muscle and fitness looking guy instead of a musclemag or flex magazine. I'm 2lbs heavier then I was last year. I don't know what to do about it. I'll tell you what, when I do walk into a club or bar almost every women in the room will look at me. Some turn away some keep staring. Some look grossed out some look enticed. I need some new openers as well.

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    You focus on your muscles waaaaay too much.

    Girls will look for excuse to talk to guys. "I hate your stupid hat" "Are you on steroids" "You are too tall" "You are soo short" "I don't like your shirt" "Why are you wearing that" etc.

    All of those are shit tests. Muscles have NOTHING to do with your game. Whatsoever.

    You just want everyone to say "dude, nice pecks! Wow I am jealous";

    so now that you got that out of your system, let's start talking about game.

    What do you tell them after they approach you? So you're good looking, that's a big plus in your attraction game, now can you hold the congruency to your looks?


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