Flaky girl:How do I respond?
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    Flaky girl:How do I respond?

    GoodDay guyz,
    I have been talking to a girl in my class for a while in school and
    everything had gone smoothly so far..I got her email and number
    yesterday and suggested that we should hang out sometime this weekend
    and she agreed.I told her that I was going to call her today but she
    didn't pick up when I called her.She was on msn tonight with her status
    set to "away" so I decided to leave her a message on her msn to let her
    know I called and she didnt pick up her phone.I left my number and
    asked her to call me back and she hasn't either..I'd like to know the
    best way to respond that won't make me sound needy and when I should
    contact her again.I already have another girl that wants me to come
    over to her place tonight.I was only looking forward to hanging out
    with her because she agreed to hangout and gave me her e-mail and
    number and now she flaked.I'll be waiting for your reponse guyz..Cheers


  2. Go out to the other girls place tonight

    And don't worry about flakes, just move on.

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    you shouldn't have left that message on her msn. she saw you called, and you should've left a voicemail. in social circle, you'll see them eventually anyway, you don't really have to worry about her forgetting who you are, so slow it down. also, don't make plans with girls in social circle/college as if they're in any way definite. "Hey let's hang out this weekend" and then treating that like formal plans is horrible. go read tenmagnet's post on it


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    Thanks very much guyz.


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