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    Quote Originally Posted by megabrusk
    well suppose you ask the girl 'who lies more' and she answers i know what you will say next..coz everybody knows this game ..
    This happens all the time. Unless you are completely dependant on spoon fed material, it doesn't matter. Girls don't stop acting like girls just because they know the Jealous GF opener.

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    A lot of women saw "Hitch" and they loved it. Not only that but they wished all guys were as smooth as Hitch. If this movie(for the "Game") is a hit then great. Hell, women might even expect you to come with a tight ass game even more.....Game on!!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by megabrusk
    ..and the world's greatest pick up artist style will live in his temple while the others will not be able to do anything coz everybody will know about the routines ...well suppose you ask the girl 'who lies more' and she answers i know what you will say next..coz everybody knows this game ..
    Seriously openers are the easiest part of running game, what does it matter if a few of the canned ones enter popular knowledge.

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    do u think it is fair?

    Quote Originally Posted by No Bones
    Great, another one of those threads that think that Style's book and Sony will plant the death on pick up...
    of course it will not be the end of pick up..coz it is a social event as old as human history..and of course if you have fosilized the concepts in your deep inner side as a feature of your character there is no need to methods either...but on the other side the thing that is known by two is not a secret..and i ask you.. do u think it is fair to tell everybody about this society?

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    Neil Strauss and the media

    Ok guys! What's up with neil strauss bringing the secret scociety in the media all the time? Sure he has become one of the greatest PUA in the world, but as I watched a Norwegian Talk show, Neil was commented by a tv host saying "dont you think you all will be equal if everybody know about it?". Isn't it suposed to be a little secret? I agreed with this host saying that if all knew about it it wont be special anymore. Neil never replied with a good answer. And this kind of pisses me of.
    What do you think?
    Love st. bruno

  6. "The Game" the movie (Like, OMG! The jig is up! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!)

    SOOOO i hear they are making a movie based on "The game" and Mystery is gonna have his own TV show on VH1... I read this of course on on an article for Rockstar magazine. So waht if they do make it??? than the entire community is exposed right?? Than someone has to develop ANOTHER way of picking up chicks am I right?

  7. Nothing is going to change, really. Watching something does not translate into learning something. I've watched Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey ever since I was little. Could I play any of those sports at a professional level? No.
    Sure, a few openers and routines will probably be exposed to a few women. Only a few of those few women will actually retain that info, so who cares? It will ultimately strengthen the community because it will force creativity and innovation.
    It will be Social Darwinism at it's best!

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    Have we not completely driven this topic into the ground at this point? Seriously, there's at least 20 threads on this on every seduction forum anywhere. The best snippet i found was a quote from mystery, and its in my sig. Thread closed?

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    PUA T.V show!

    in my view this is some bad news. they are actully making a t.v show on pick up artists. the goal of the show is to teach others on how to pick up women. everyone is going to end up knowing game!
    its all there!

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    A sure sign that you're new to the community is the overblown fear of everybody eventually knowing game. STOP WORRYING.
    Do yourself a favour and START APPLYING THE TECHNIQUES IMMEDIATELY. Learn to adapt and evolve faster than anybody else. A venusian artist must remain the exception to the rule. This means YOU. STOP WORRYING.
    You probably wouldn't have discovered the community had it not been for some sort of media exposure IN THE FIRST PLACE. Stuff like Neil's book, TV appearances, internet banners, and magazine reviews are all public instances of the community being exposed to the world that were probably responsible for bringing you here to begin with. STOP WORRYING.
    People have been getting laid since the dawn of humankind. You wouldn't be here today otherwise. Thank your ancestors for mating and eventually producing you. STOP WORRYING.
    Additionally, you posted this in General Techniques when it is suited more for Off-Topic. Please watch where you post in the future.
    Thread merged into the Worst-Of forum. STOP WORRYING.
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