day 2 flake, what do you think?
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  1. day 2 flake, what do you think?

    Alright, so I'll try to keep this direct and to the point. This was my first real sarge (complete stranger, not a prior acquaintance) that got me a day 2, and my text game was wonderful, she seemed really into getting together with me, then like 3 hours before, i get this message: Holy shit. Look, I'm really sorry, but my friend just got dumped and as soon as i'm done babysitting i need to go see her. I'm really sorry, but like chicks before dicks, you know? Then i texted her back saying basically her friend can take care of herself, im sure she can get together with her dumped friend later, but she responded saying: omg. look, shes a total wreck and the minute i get home im going to her house. no further explanation. I said: alright, we'll talk later, and she said:Ok, sorrry. So, basically, do you guys think i should try to arrange another meeting, cause she was texting me every night this week, so that leads me to think that this isnt a lie, this was a real issue that suddenly came up, but the fact that it's not some life-or-death reason to flake leads me to believe maybe i havent given myself enough value or made myself scarce enough for her to desperately want to get together with me. What do you guys think?

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    It might be true, and then again it may not. Its irrelevant. If its true, then dont worry make another date. If its not, then dont worry make another date. If the flakiness keeps on coming (at least 2 more times) then dont waste your time. Give her sweet sound of the Have-a-nice-life line.

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    Its either

    1) You tried to escalate her during day 1 and then day 2 she had buyers remorse.


    2) Her friend really is fucked up and she would be a social violater if she cared about a guy she met for 1 day more than she cared about her friend. If thats the case, then just invite her over tommorow. You can certaintly recover from this option, though I think I would have txted her back after she said she had to cancel and act like I had invited some friends over and then gone out with them to have a good time and had forgotten we were supposed to do something. No big deal babe, i forgot we were doing something sort of thing. Then txt her a day or 2 later and invite her over to a house party. If she comes cool. tell her she has to bring a girl for every guy she brings to keep the ratio good ; ) You dont want her to come with a one of her orbiters and have less guys than girls at the party. Do this with 3 or 4 girls and have a good time.

    Upon rereading I doubt it's buyers remorse. If it was she would be exibiting avoidance behavior and not txting you.
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  4. thanks a lot guys, yeah its not buyers remorse, cause i only had about 5 minutes of talking to her before she said she had to go somewhere, so i just #closed her, no real escalation there, so i'm willing to believe she had some other real issue come up. I texted her later, saying "i'm willing to forgive you...this time, but you're going to have to come up with a creative way to pay me back " and she responded well. Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate the swift replies. Hopefully this will be my first k-close since starting the game, or, if things go well, maybe even my first f-close!


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