How do I show 'me' without bragging
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    How do I show 'me' without bragging

    Hi guys,

    Just thought I'd run this by you and see what you thought.

    I've been into pickup for a few months now and have been getting some decent results. My biggest sticking point is that I always seem to blow it somewhere between attraction and closing. Its frustrating when my mates who aren't into pickup ask how I've been going. It just sounds lame to say that I've been getting attraction off hot girls.

    Anyway here is my question. I am originally a country boy but I go to uni in the city, and have done for the last 5 years. On Weekends I am a competitive bull rider, girls love the whole scene and it has worked really well in the past taking girls to watch me ride.

    I feel this is a strong part of my identity but I can't just walk around telling everyone I'm a bullrider or it will seem like bragging. Most girls at uni wouldn't know that I do this but I know it has appeal.

    How do I let it be known without bragging?

    Any feedback would be appreciated

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    find a way to SHOW them instead of talking about it.

    i'm a semi-professional bboy.[breakdancer] and what i do that might work for you is talk about how i'm sore, or have a minor injury. they usually ask you why...then that's when you tell them.

    edit: also, when you tell them "i'm a bullrider"...make sure you say it in a tone that implies that it is no big deal to you...just something you do for fun. it lowers the level of 'try hard' if you act like it's insignificant, even if its your passion.


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