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  1. New to SD. Anyone want to hit the town?

    New to San Diego. Looking for some guys to hit the town with. I have a flexible schedule so can go out any time during the week or weekend.

  2. I'm open to wing- i live in oc but want to try SD!

  3. I'm here in SD now and time to rock, I need a wing and like yesterday...

    My sticking point is friends dragging my girl away as she is clawing at my well you know... and the chody insta wings im grabbing just stand by and are all i dunno what to do...

    lol lets through some pua on this fire

    text me, unless you are afraid to get your feet wet, be awesome, and get laid out of it all

  4. Hi my name is nam. I am looking for a wing. If you are interested please text me at 310 955 0683. I live in vegas and la and will be traveling to boston and san diego in a few weeks

  5. Anyone watching this? I'm visiting San Diego on Monday for 9 nights and looking for other cool dudes to hang out and lay some babes.

    Who's in?


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