San Diego Wings and Lairs - consolidated
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    San Diego Wings and Lairs - consolidated

    Anybody on the forum from SD? I may be looking for a wing next month.

  2. i live in sd and willing to be your wing man

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    Awesome! I am off to Tampa for a few weeks and when i return i will need a wing. I am just getting started with MM so approaches and DHV are what i am working to perfect right now. Whats your experience so far?

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    I live in San Diego, but am currently Iraq. Guess that doesn't help you. I'll be back early next year though....

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    No problem. Get back safe and we can hit some sets when you get back.

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    Mak Guest

    I'm coming down end of the month for the Holiday Bowl, Go Ducks! I would be interested in a night or two of game with anyone who knows the town. And remember, stay classy San Diego.

  7. What's up man! I live in Lake Elsinore, but the drive down to SD isn't so bad for me. If you're ever free on the weekends (that's the only time I have to sarge), hit me up and we'll practice our game. I'm also working on opening and DHV's, so we can help each other out. I'm about to post my bio in the Intro section of the forum so you can read about me there.

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    I am also available to be a wingman in San Diego.

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    San Diego Sarging

    Hey guys:
    If anyone wants to hit some bars or lounges in San Diego, drop me a line. And remember, proper preparation prevents piss-poor performance.
    Best wishes,

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    Hey Sixstring and Deep6ixx, I'm available to wing with you. My email address is


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