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    The Magic Pill!

    Smoke this and you will become more creative, pop this pill and you will become awesome, and listen to this music and your brain will go into a certain state allowing you to perform wonders never before seen by this world.

    You want a magic pill? You want something that can change you in a day? I've got something for you all you gotta do is rub icy hot on your balls...
    Back? I thought that would be funny to make you do. I will let you know that you just touched the magic pill. It wasn't the icy hot.. that was just for my own personal entertainment. You are still touching the magic pill though... stop it you perv. What is it????
    The magic pill is you! You have power over everything you do. For years and years you have relied on society and other people to determine your life. To control you. Now sit there and think about everything you do. Are you doing it because society and the media told you to, or are you doing it because it's what you want to do? Sure sometimes you have to put others above yourself, but only do that when you want to. Don't let others control you. The only one that has the right to have total power over your mind is you! Embrace that fact and live the life that you want to live!

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    fuck that, i want the awesome pill.

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