I need help in the classroom
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  1. I need help in the classroom

    There's this girl in my math class (I'm a senior she's a junior) who sits next to me. She's decent looking but not anything spectacular, but she thinks she is a lot better looking then she actually is. So during class our teacher is gives us an assignment and just says "here work on this" and ignores us for the rest of class. I'm usually finished pretty quick and I just fuck around for the rest of class. Then this girl comes up to me and is like "hey I don't understand this work can you let me copy you". The first time I didn't really know what to say so I just sure whatever. But the problem is now she thinks that I'm here bitch and asks me to give her my work every day, I usually act like I'm not finished or something or make up some excuse.

    Now the problem is I can't put up with this shit every day and I don't want to just give it to her everyday because then I look like a fag just giving her my work everyday but on the other hand I don't want to say "no fuck you" because then I would come off as a major douche. And just so you know I don't have any interest in this girl I just don't want the rest of the class thinking that I'm a pussy or an asshole. So what would you guys say back to her? Should I be a douche to her or just ignore her or what?

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    Is this just about the Homework? Or do you actually want to game her?

  3. I don't want to game her I just want to say something back that doesn't make everyone around us think that I'm an major asshole or some fag that lets the girl next to him copy all of his work.

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    Hmm.. Pretend you dont get it, or that you need her help to get some questions.. or right when the assignment is handed out, suggest she do the odd #d questions, and youll do the evens.. then copy of each other..


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