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    Daygame easy - Packed Nightgame hard

    I find sarging during the day is easy and i can hold attention build attraction get good numbers NP. But out at a busy club or student pub thats packed, I find it alot harder to get a girls attention and build something/approach (when a set like never stops talking). If its a slower night at a club/pub I dont have problems, but on the really busy ones I do. Any tips?

  2. Yeah. Improve your energy. Its harder because it requires more energy and people are easily distracted. Make sure you are pumped before you go out to one of these venues... If you are high energy and having a good time this can really work with that packed vibe. Personally I don't enjoy being in a club where you can;t even move around, whats the point?

    If you can get your numbers to stick then invite them out to the nightclubs and have social proof so people will notice. There are a couple things you can do with out even talking to anyone. Good body language, social proof.
    But most of all I recomend being pumped and being the life of the party. And approach shit loads of sets cause they'll be right next to you

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    Yesss, thats how I did it. Warmed up with a little mixer for a few hours got into a really pumped social mood. Some stuff didn't stick, got rejected hard once but all good. A few solid #'s where girls asked so you got my # right? and are you coming to so and so after? Felt like I overcame an obstacle, I even lost my voice by the end of the night. Now time to follow up on these #'s, your saying a nice thing to try would be to invite them out tonight, or saturday night?

    Run something like, "We are going to X place, you so have to be there!" if texting.

  4. Run something like, "We are going to X place, you so have to be there!" if texting.[/QUOTE]

    If you just send that I don't think it will work. These girls will have basically forgotten about you. Especially quality girls. I can't really help here my text game is not up to scratch.. BuT i would reccomend that if you do send these girls a msg resist the earge to sound needy whatever happens. That or teaze her. Make sure you still come off high value and that you don't need them and you will get a reply. If you do have friends to go out with to some place and you can;t bother to text back and forth I guess you can sms some thing like " hey. You're the girl I met last night right? The one with the goofy dance steps Well if you're in the area me and my buddy's will be at x place. " Thats the best I can come up with... if she replys your in you just musn't fuck it up.
    If she replies asking about it. say some thing like "its not a marriage proposal just come or don't come later..."
    The reason because Ive had sooo many text that went bad. I think the only way is too sound like you don't care. Or teaze her and be funny.

    Good luck.


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