I lied about my age!!!!
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  1. I lied about my age!!!!

    I lied about my age, i never usually do, met her online, she is 18 i am 32, ive dated 18 year olds lately, it hasn't been a problem, but she asked me my age....i said guess, she said she didnt want to guess incase she got it wrong, and for some reason i panicked and said 27.

    im going to meet her on the weekend, i need to tell her when i meet that im really 32, so need to think of a subtle way of saying it or try to make a joke out of it, i was thinking along the lines of

    oh by the way im 32, i know i said 27 but its because i usually date maturer girls and didnt want to make you feel you were too young for me


    oh by the way im 32, i said i was 27 coz you said u would feel bad if u guessed wrong and you guessed 25 so i said 27 so you didnt feel bad

    what you think? or any better ideas?

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    You already lied about it, you can't change that much.

    I would just go along with the date and not mention the age thing. If she asks again, tell her the truth. If she doesn't, don't bring it up. It doesn't really matter, but for the future you might want to avoid lying.
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    I've been thinking about this since you posted it. I've never lied about my age, but a friend of mine has, and he usually handles it as quickly as possible.

    There's no great way to do it.

    My inclination would be to mention is as soon as you can in person, but use body language that suggests that it's no big deal.

    Just be prepared for the worst, which is that she gets up and leaves.

    Second worst is that she hangs in there, but later her friends tell her that if a guy lies about his age, he'll lie about other stuff and she won't go out again.

    Best is she has a terrible memory and can't remember your name, much less your age.
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    Fuck the girl and then tell her you're 32

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    "I was 27...with 5 years experience." Say it as though you're being funny and it'll soften the blow. It conveys subtext that you feel young and don't consider yourself as old as you really are. Hopefully she'll pick up on it and not make a big deal about it.

    Usually you can preempt them by doing the above when you tell them your age or use my age gambit I've posted before. If you do the age above willingly, I recommend always going with 29 though. For example, being 32 you'd say "I'm 29 with 3 years experience". It's cute and the harshness of being over 30 is dulled because they don't hear the number aloud. In their brain it's just a number when they do some math. For some reason it's psychologically helpful.
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    I'm more so wondering why you lied in the first place. One of the great things about being older, is being older. More experience, you have all the qualities that younger men don't. In fact, you are the prize here she should be qualifying to you that she is mature enough for you to consider. Don't believe me, who has accomplished more in life? You, or the 18 year old h/b you are gaming, be proud of your age and you'll be pulling more h/bs. Atleast that is what I have encountered, when they see the confidence I have in my age and accomplishments, its them that start to qualify, to prove their good enough and that is the way it should be.

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    Girls usually lie about one thing when they're getting to know you. Thing is to get her to admit to it before you tell her.

    One of my friends lied about his age and got the girl pregnant, he was 23 she was 16. They got married and she didn't stay faithful for long.

  8. 27 in Chimp Years

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    It may sound crazy to you, but why bother bringing it up and making it an issue?

    Really, people hide all kinds of shit from one another, but you barely know this person, so who cares? I'm not totally suggesting dishonesty here, you've already done that, but it doesn't have to be an issue unless maybe you get seriously involved and down the road shit comes up. Then you have to back-track.

    Idunno, call me a scoundrel, but why make dis-qualifiers a big deal when they don't need to be.
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  10. i always tell the truth, but the reason why i panicked was coz she lives in a very small town and i was scared there would be social pressure on her from the other townies if they knew, but looking back i dont think she would have cared


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