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    Man...I have been going out lot lately...I hear shit-tests not only from girls but also from guys..

    May be I am just very self-conscious and get rid of that from my mentality. Could use some advice from you guys as how to get rid of that?

    The other day a girl tells me "I am very unkempt"...I have days where I am clean shaved...Some days I slack at getting dressed. How should disarm tests like this?

    My answer thinking now would be "Glad...You noticed"

    Also, somebody tells me I have very offbeat humor sometimes....This might be true...but it was mentioned to me in mean-spirit. How do you handle shit from people like this?

    Any advice guys?

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    if a girl told me that i was looking a little rough i would be quick to point out the bags under her eyes our mention how the humidity had gotten to her hair. but thats just me. i seem to be an asshole a lot but i get away with it.
    for the record im almost always unshaven and never look dressed to impress and i still get hot girls. your look might have just not been her type

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    Answer by a question such as : "Has appearance a lot of importance in your life?"

    She will probably say yes and explain. Then interrupt her and say: "When I came here, I did not think you were such a superficial person".

    If there are several girls, turn to another and ask her: "Is she always that superficial? It is strange, she does not look like that at first sight"


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