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    In Taipei..
    Here are some places that we might be able to meet some nice girls at:
    Brass Monkey
    who is down?

  2. Brass Monkey you kidding me? Try Carnegies. Primo and Lava is also good, luxy theres too many guys. You planning to sarge on 10/10?

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    I wanna party this weekend. If you are down to maybe check out some clubs maybe we can hit one up. I should be going out for sure on saturday. Not sure about tomorrow yet.
    Here is my msn to all guys looking for a wing:

  4. You boys still around?
    Another Saturday has rolled around and it'll be good everywhere tonight.
    I'm thinking maybe Luxy, it's free before 11:00 and always good on Sat.

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    You need a member to take you into primo to get in right?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by 3countriesplan View Post
    You need a member to take you into primo to get in right?
    It used to be that way, I'm not sure if it still is.
    Not sure if business is as blistering hot as it used to be.
    I know one of the PR's there, so I just call him up when I want to go.
    You going out tonight?


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