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    I know, several threads have been started and closed following this discussion, but this has been bugging me for a while and thought, I need to discuss this:

    " Does MM and other PUA stuff work with foreigners ?? "

    Something about me: I have a Persian heritage.Moved to the US 6 yrs back and I speak with a noticeable accent. I am 24 yrs of age/ decent looking.I am into this stuff a little over a year.

    What I have noticed: I know there are several PUA's who are indian/asian/hispanics ( I consider hispanics to be completely assimilated into the american culture).

    But what differentiates them is all of them have been born and raised here. They do not have to overcome cultural difference or accent barriers. It is easier for them to ease up to american girls.

    The situation in NY or LA might be a little better BUT I stay in Texas ( Houston & dallas Included ) and I have experienced this.. even after making a concise effort to maintain body language/eye contact and a confident posture while talking to girls , they would talk to me, hang out with me and stuff because they were just polite and try to get drinks off me.. ( I know, I know.. I would make sure to flip those attraction switches in my conversation..).

    If a white american girl, already has a pre-determined mindset to date/have sex with someone of her own race, then no matter what happens, you cannot overcome that barrier.

    I try to run those routines/ every part of magic bullet is printed in my brain... But due to my accent those routines seems to be Longer.. LOL. I then come across as a creepy guy trying to sell something, but a white guy with same thing can pull it of with ease with no game at all, just because he is more acceptable and considered part of the system ! You know where I am going with this ?

    I never had AA to begin with.. NEVER ! Now, before I approach a girl.. I have this feeling, that I am brown and a foreigner and she just won't be interested in me and will just be polite to me and be friends.

    I am sure many of you will start saying that I have inner game issues and all.. but I think it is defn more than that. I guess ppl like myself should rely more on natural game and not routines and stuff.

    Yes, I have had very Limited success. Online dating has been a complete failure. I have read cajun's post / DD online dating seminar..did everything possible.. but, Online game is more about your pic. If someone does not want to date inter racially, then no matter what you do.. you won't get anywhere.. he should not waste his money on,yahoo personals or e-harmony.

    To wrap my long post : It is hard to break those pre-determined mindset. If girls don't want to date inter racially, they WON'T ! No matter, how charming you are.. or Look like brad pitt or have a body language like james bond.. it's difficult. I am not saying it will NEVER happen.. but then you are fighting againts all ODDS.

  2. I think it's natural that people are attracted to their own race but doesn't mean you don't have a chance, it just means you have a little disadvantage..but maybe you should feel lucky you don't have another disadvantage to overcome, like being 3ft tall or something like that.

    Unless they grew up in a racist family where they have something programmed in their head that brown skin is yucky then in the long run I really don't think it will matter.

    If you sound like you're selling something then it's your own fault, you can't blame that stuff on your accent or your skin color, that doesn't even make sense. Also, take a look at this video and tell me what you think:

    [ame=]YouTube - Pickup Artist Soul Does Day Game and Number Close[/ame]

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    I respect where you coming from but I have only one piece of advice for you. All these are in your head. Your inner game needs fixing for sure. If your inner game has holes no matter what routines you know you ll botch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverghost View Post
    I respect where you coming from but I have only one piece of advice for you. All these are in your head. Your inner game needs fixing for sure. If your inner game has holes no matter what routines you know you ll botch.
    Yes. You can use your Persian background as a HUGE DHV. Persia has been very rich in culture and tradition. Get them interested in these areas. Women usually LOVE these topics. It also shows you have some wordly knowledge. At your age, that's unusual. It will set you apart from the average AFC who just compliments their eyes or wants to read their palms!

    Haven't you heard of women who LOVE the Latin or Italian accents? Why do you think they wouldn't find a Persian accent sexy? Remember, different is sexy!

  5. Thanks Guys for all your inputs.

    As the old saying goes... Try,Try till you succeed.

    Good luck yall.


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