The Don Bootcamp - Washington DC, September 2008 (With Big Business & Prestige)
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  1. The Don Bootcamp - Washington DC, September 2008 (With Big Business & Prestige)

    Just Do It!

    This means a lot, of course, but I think if you are considering a boot camp at all, just do it.

    I worked very hard on my own for 2 years to learn the great Love Systems material (Magic Bullets and more) and I was going way too slowly. It was absolute torture seeing the prize on paper and creeping so slowly toward it in real life. Finally, I turned to the boot camp and it’s really paying off.

    I hadn’t even touched a girl in 8 months. Then I had great sex within one week after the boot camp. My fellow boot camp buddies have more phone numbers than they can handle and two of them also got laid within one week.

    How does this happen? I think it’s grounded in the quality of the material and the Love Systems company. They have the integrity that produces strong results in the students. Their integrity makes us want to “Just do it”.

    It also helps that you go through the trenches with fellow students and produce synergies during the four week newbie mission that follows the boot camp. In the two years I was trying to do it on my own, I was desperately seeking people to learn with and it never worked out. That drove me insane. Our boot camp group, on the other hand, is making great progress that I couldn’t achieve with anyone before.

    The Don, Prestige, and Big Business are all excellent. Their influence is still with me, guiding me further than I would otherwise go. I ask myself, “What would the 3 wise men do?” Then, miracles happen and doors open that I never knew existed, not just with women.

    I am no longer floundering around, spending too much time reading and wishing I could apply it. I am now heading toward what I dreamed of when I grow up plus things I never could have dreamed of.

    I wish I just did it much sooner.

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    Better late than never... And you have the whole future ahead of you to work with this. It's a lifelong skill and endeavor... Enjoy.
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