She wants me to tie her up
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    She wants me to tie her up

    I've never been into bondage. I'm not against it. I'm just clueless as to how to go about it. My girl told me last night that she wants me to tie her up. Okay. I'm in.
    What, do I show up at her house with some ropes? I don't own any rope for tying kinky girls up. (Admittedly an oversight on my part).
    Those satin ties they have at spencers?
    To the bed? The chair? Just hands and feet? Blindfolded?
    What do you do to a girl that's tied up? Whatever you want? Is that the point?

    Sorry guys, but it's uncharted territory for me. It's not a fantasy of mine so I never even gave any thought to it.

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    anything from spencers haha

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    Go to a sex shop if there's one in your area, if not order from online.

    Start with soft bondage, they have fluffy cuffs without metal that still hold her wrists tight enough for her strongest efforts. Blindfolds are optional but fun to play with.

    Most girls that enjoy bondage also enjoy some form of spankings. Start small to test, and work up to your hand, spoons, cat o nine tails, etc.

    Have fun playa,


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    does your girl have any scarves. i used to tie my ex up with those when she wanted it. the first time i just tied her hands together and blindfolded her. then i had conrol of her but it wasnt total control in the sense of having her tied to the bed post. start small then steadily increase thats goin on. have fun with it

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    Women love using senses other than sight. Thus, take advantage of that. Go with soft satin or cotton scarfs, like RVCA said. Use a soft blindfold and make all your motions during your regular sex much slower. She'll thank you for it big time.

    For best effect, put the blindfold over *your* eyes and rub it up and down a bit. If you start to feel itchy, don't use it. That can kill a mood quick lol

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    Ooh man, where do I start, lol.

    First off, use something soft to tie her up. Furry cuffs (not metal), silk rope (you can get it at a sex shop), scarves, the bedsheets, etc. will work. Tying her hands together or tying her hands to the bed posts works best. Then you can play with her, go down on her, tease her with something feathery, and basically have your way with her as you wish.

    You can also blindfold her so she can't guess where you'll touch her next. Rub something against her skin like silk, a feather, an ice cube, and whatever else you can think of and make her guess what it is.

    Alternatively, you can make a role play out of this. You're a bandit (or a pirate, or whatever) and she's your prisoner. You're gonna tie her up, kidnap her, and have your way with her, and she's gonna love it. She can try to escape and you'll have to tie her up even better... (make sure you have a safe word if it goes that far).

    As you see, the possibilites are endless...

    Have fun!


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    Hi, scarves aren't a very good binding material. They can tighten way too much and cut off circulation and can also be very difficult to untie knots from. Use either a good cotton braided rope (some say nylon too but it gives rope burn easier than cotton) or you can buy 'bondage tape' from sex shops, but it's not really reuseable, so buy a few rolls. Or just get the soft cuffs, but it's limited as to what you can do with them. Google 'bondage knots' as there are ways to tie them that make it easier to get undone and easier on the sub. Agree on a 'safe word' so your partner can let you know if it's getting too much and she wants you to back off. Something unmistakeable that she wouldn't say normally. I like the word 'lollipop'. The main idea is to keep her guessing what's coming next, it's all about the suspense/being dominated etc. Have fun and look after that woman, she sounds like a good one..

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    Not a very good binding material, good call . The whole tying up thing essentially comes from that psychological stimulation of being dominated (I know, I'm pointing out the obvious). Something else you can try beforehand on the "spur of the moment" as a little practise is you can grab both her wrists and restrain her to the bed by holding both her wrists down above her head with one hand (use your other one to balance yourself) while you're on top. She'll love it, you'll love it. Everybody wins!

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    Too be honest, I love tying the woman up...

    There are a few things i have learned.

    1) silk scarves can be used, and it has to be very tight to constrict the blood flow, so dont worry to much on this. It is more how you tie the knots than the matireial. I would stay away from Nylon, because that doe create rope burn.

    2) I only ever tie the hands (to the bed) You can tie them seperately, far apart, or close together depending on the bed. Either way is good. Wide apart gives you more control, but comes with a price...

    3) if the hands are tied together to the bed, you can easily move the woman about, so different positions are possible....

    4) Obvoisuly if you tie her feet and hands, she can not move at all... this means that only one position is really comfortably achievable. The thrill of being ties up, is the total lack of control. So the more tied up, the less control, which means the greater the thrill....

    One of my fav things to do, is suck on a breath mint (trebor xxxtra strong mints) and then lick where you want, and then blow on it... this causes a cold heat which tingles, and feels really good for the partners i have been with...

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    Okay, I kind of have a better idea on how to go about this now. It's such a new thing for me, I could just see myself doing something wrong and making it weird.

    I'll probably go with the silk ties or scarves, possibly the furry cuffs. I'll tie her to the bed. The role playing sounds fun. I think she'd be into that.

    And it's funny, because this girl is totally the feminist type. Not the bra burning overweight type, but she's very much the feminist. And then she tells me all about how she loves domination. *irony

    Anyway this is all fantastic advice. I see not all of you agree on the materials used. I just think that busting out a bunch of rope might be a little intense for the first time (she's never done it with anyone else).

    I don't know when I'll get to try this out, it should be soon. I'll give an update afterwards. I think I know what to do now.


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