Halloween Costumes (combined thread)

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  1. Halloween Costumes (combined thread)

    So its that time of year, I was trying to think what would be a cool idea for a costume, I figured this would be a good place to get ideas.
    so what do you guys plan on doing this year?

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    I was just about to post this.
    Im looking for something too. I want to stand out, like everyone else haha
    Im thinking of going as the hulk and paint my body green or get a really tight t-shirt and pull it off

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    2 years ago, I wore a trendy outfit, put on a huge ribbon and made a giant gift tag that said "To: Women From: God"
    Last year, I wore all white, cut out from posterboard a big fork and a big knife, put one on each arm, colored in 3 round green specs on my white shirt... and went as Lindsey Lohan's dinner plate.

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    I suggest going as something funny, something which people will laugh with you, not at you when ur dressed up. i suggest a smurf. I have a concert comming up, and me and 5 other mates are all going as smurfs. but make sure ur confident enough to pull it off if ur going to wear it.

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    The list of costumes I'm debating:
    1) Santa Clause
    I also have friends ready to join me as the Easter Bunny and a leprichaun.
    2) Cut out the bottom of an aluminum trashcan. Attach suspenders inside. and wear on your torso. Wear the lid as a hat: Go as White Trash.
    3) Get a LARGE cardboard box (like a 43" flatscreen TV box)
    Get a Burgerking king outift. Dress-up in it and take a digital photo of it.
    Do a little editing and take it to Kinko's to print-out.
    Use your new life-sized cutout to help you create a King of Hearts playing card where you are the top and your photo is the bottom.
    All your women are belong to me.

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    i think im gonna be oscar the grouch

  7. Halloween Costumes

    Its getting to be that time of year again. The lovely time when girls get to be sexy sluts and naughty nurses, and guys get to be anything they want to be.
    What are some good ideas for costumes?
    Im thinking being Uncle Sam for this year would be fun (dunno if it would come off creepy though) It would definately be a good peacock job.
    So, what do PUA's dress up as for halloween.

  8. V. From "V for Vendetta". I just think he looks cool.

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  10. I went as AC slater last year. Tight pastel t-shirt with "bayside athletics" written on it in sharpie is all you need-besides some jammin pants that is. That costume had great built in opening material in it.

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