moment 22 cant move one cant go back

yo dudes I am having a bit of a problem getting forward in different ways I am gonna take it from the top so you get the basic idea of what is going on.

This have happened to me like 2 times now and it is very frustrating :S
i have played a flawless game opened attracted and so on and gotten the kiss close now here is the deal that when i meet these girls again I am having a hard time to get things sexual again i chick out and we dont get anywhere and become friends having a blast when we are together but that is not where i wanted it to go :S
now i cant go back to being the guy who kissed her in a bar and that and i cant move on to being her boyfriend (moment 22 cant go back and cant move forward)
so the problem is how do i get it going again (if possible) any suggestions ?
And is there i bulletproof way to not getting into these situations ?