Girls in your social circle...
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  1. Girls in your social circle...

    Do you guys think it's a good idea to start dating girls in your social circle?
    Some of my friends, who are girls, are desperately trying to hook me up with one of their friends, who is actually pretty fucken hot. If i start dating this girl, it's gonna completely screw up my pua progress. If i bang her, then ditch her, I'm the bad guy. I KNOW this girl will NOT stand for it if i were to see other girls on the side. Then again, dating an HB8 isn't exactly a bad thing. Questions? Comments?

  2. well, sadly... a true friendship between boys and girls will be over if one person has an attraction to the other. alot of guys are friends with women only because the girls put them into the friendzone. the bad part is once attraction starts and you tell your friend that you are attracted to them... most of the time there is no going back to friends. you either start dating, or stop hanging out.
    an example: im friends with some very pretty girls, and im not going to lie, when i say i would nail almost all of them in a second. but, my example is about another guy friend i had. he confesed his love to one of the girls... and she turned him down, saying how she didnt feel the same way and just wanted to be friends. well, they both tried to act like nothing happened for weeks, and it just became awkward for everyone in my circle of friends. we slowly split into 2 groups, one group of friends for the guy and one for the girl. im still friends with both of them, but even today its always awkward for everyone when they are together.
    so what im trying to say is that guys and girls can be great friends... they just cant be attracted to one another. so if you're just planning on nailing and bailing on this friend of yours realise that your friendship will be officially over. and it will most likely hurt your circle of friends as a group.
    Good Luck Though

  3. I think I need to clarify.....This girl WANTS me to call her. This is what I'm being told by my girl friends. I on the otherhand, am INDIFFERENT. I need opinions.
    Dating an HB8 would not be a bad thing. Especially since we are friends with all the same peeps. Makes life easy.
    AAHHHHH FUCK IT ! I'll just string her along and not make any promises. If we have sex, i'll blame it all on HER. LOL!

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    I dont see the harm if you tell her straight up that you think that shes great but you're not looking for anything serious right now. Its the kind of line that any of her friends will see immediatly as "no chance with him" but she'll probably just ignore. In this case honesty is the best policy. Remember, everything you do to her will get back to your friends, so be smooth. Call her. Invite her out to do something fun thats not a date. Ask her to go help you buy clothes, go to the gym together, play tennis, go grocery shopping, hell i've even had girls help me do laundry, if she likes you it wont matter. If you have a good time with her, instant-date somewhere else. Go get coffee, ice cream, dinner, matching tattoos, whatever. You'll be so in with her it wont be funny. When you're putting the final moves on, tell her that you think shes a really great girl, but that you arent ready for anything serious. At that point she'll be so turned on she wont care. Finally, remember two steps forward, one back. Let her escalate, you dont want your girl friends to find out if you move too quick. Game on bro.


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