Could I get some help with a Recon Profile?
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    Could I get some help with a Recon Profile?

    I want to build a Recon Profile. I was wondering if anyone here has ever been burnt doing it? I'm also looking for advice on how to select a woman so I'm least likely to get caught. Should I select someone from a different country? Should I maybe grab pics from a Facebook and build a MySpace and a Plenty of Fish? Suggestions please.

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    google "blonde" and goto at least the 20+ or so page of images.... find one thats done with a webcam... save it.. goto a paint program... simply make a mirrior image of it, so flip it to make it backwards... most dating sites scan for duplicates.. thats why... just in case, even touch it up with photo shop if you want

    next.... make a new hotmail or whatever account... that way, if it gets traced it will go to "her email" not "your email"

    then... set up a profile.

    took me about 15 minutes

    ohoh.. also.... some sites ask for a postal code... so i just looked up what my public librarys in town was... so i used that.

    i think this should be known as "ninjaing" from now on... all the recon stuff lol

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    this is off topic, and silly question.

    Follow what charm1 said. it's NOT that hard.


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