Making Instant Improvements Vol 2

This is Volume II of my 3 part series on making instant improvments to your game. You can check out Volume I here

This is not ‘essential’ at all to being a great with women, but girls are just as attracted to guys with good bodies, just as we are to a hot girl with a banging figure.

So why wouldnt we want to increase the number of women who will be attracted to us. Having a good figure is almost like peacocking; it draws attention to you and makes you stand out.

If 2 guys with equal game are infront of a gorgeous woman, one is out of shape and badly dressed, while the other is fit, clean and healthy, who do you think she would choose?

Its not the 'actual' muscles that are causing attraction, its what obtaining those muscles represents: dedication, commitment, character. Your survival value will be intrinsically higher.

I used to be shocking at going to the gym, I would constantly make excuses why I couldnt go, and weeks and months would pass that I barely did any excersise. I turned it around for myself after reading [ame=" 8-1"]Pyscho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz[/ame] and redefining my self concept. I changed how I viewed myself to: a guy that goes to the gym 3 times a week, and works out hard for the time hes there.[ame=""][/ame]
Literally over night I was attending the gym more often and Im now feeling the benefits and hearing how good I look from women.

Im going to repeat that YOU DONT NEED TO BE RIPPED LIKE A CALVIN KLEIN MODEL, just one thats fit, healthy and radiates positive energy.


Hair – go to a good barber shop and get a good hair cut. Doesn’t have to be super crazy but just something that will make you stand out. Try to avoid covering it totally in product, lots of girls love to run their hands through a guys hair

Eyebrows – get them trimmed when you get your hair done, wax any monobrows out of existence!

Skin – get some proper skin care products: good quality shaving gel / razors, facial scrubs, moisturiser.

SHOWER before you go out. Make sure you always smell fresh!! Seriously. Far too many guys think they can ‘get away with it’, NOTHING is more unattractive and even downright unpleasant than someone who smells of body odour (B.O)

Use neutral fragrance anti-persperant such as Sure, NOT body sprays like Lynx etc. Also, if you’re a naturally very sweaty guy, use talcum powder after you shower and make sure to use the extra dry, sports version of the anti-persperant.
If necessary take some out with you and touch it up during the night.

Wear GOOD quality aftershave – one of the few things I advocate spending money on.

Nails – don’t bite your nails, cut them and keep them clean! You do not want to have grimey black shit under them - women spend a lot of time on their nails and will therefore subconsciously notice them on guys too. This goes for toenails too – trimmed and neat is the name of the game.

Manage body hair – hairy backs and shoulders are very rarely cool things, wax it off. Keep pubic hair trimmed and neat.

Thats all for now, the last post on LMR will follow shortly...