Fader 1 on 1 - NYC, August 2008
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    Fader 1 on 1 - NYC, August 2008

    I had a one on one with Fader last weekend in NYC. After reading all the reviews I decided to book a one on one with Fader. Prior to the one on one I read the Magic Bullets ebook and understood the emotional progression model. But it still wasn't tangible, reading is one thing but to see it applied in the field by a PUA is pure magic.
    I'm not gonna go into what specifics he went over..it was identical to other Fader one on one reviews posted by others. I will go over what I got out of it and what he showed me infield. So after our first day of class we got dinner at the stripclub next to my hotel (Westin). To see him banter strippers and get them out of stripper mode to real person mode was unreal...He had one of them mesmerized within the first minute of conversation. After dinner we went to the main room and in the 30min we were there he pulled two cocktail waitresses playing them off each other..number closed both of them(he played text game with one of them the rest of the night and u could tell by the texts she was very attracted to him) and he coulda closed one of the dancers but he sensed the clock was running and he was out to teach me so we left and moved on to the regular clubs. My problem is that of all newbies. I have approach anxiety but during the day his instruction put me at ease as he had great analogies on why i should not be scared to fail. My favorite was if I signed up for a boxing class I wouldn't give a fuck about getting beat up as that is normal for beginners right? Why the fuck should i care about failing at my sets just go in and practice. He didn't pussyfoot around he gave me the opener and off I went. After it was over he went over with me what he saw my mistakes were and we then rinse/repeated the process. The next day I met him at his pimpin ass condo...its a mutha fuckin PD pad!! The next day he finished up the instruction portion and went back out to the field..oh yeah..before we went to the bars we got dinner and he gamed two waitresses (both fine) he was gaming one more than the other then target switched and got a number close on the second one..it was fuckin amazing to see someone pickup 2girls at the same time!! I gained so much motivation seeing a PUA in person work his superior skills...Its one thing to read about this shit but to see it done infield is beyond words..... Out in the field it was the same as the first night.. I open he listened and corrected my mistakes then he went into master wingman mode and would come over and wing me during my sets so he could listen and help cover for some of my mistakes. The second night I was able to number close one and facebook another. I consider it a a success as I was happy opening sets without nervousness and was trying to apply the emotional progression model and still need to learn.
    Would I recommend Fader? YES
    Was it worth the money? YES
    My first weekend back I made sure to continue my learnings...went out to the bars and opened 7 sets applied the model but still not good but this journey is not instant and from Fader understand its gonna take work...there is no magic pill..u cant just go to a bootcamp or read some book and be a PUA or even close to a PUA....
    Read all his articles on the forum!!!
    Thank you Fader!!

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    What a great time. I honestly wish I could I say I have runs like that all the time but I really don't. What's even funnier is my friends are now throwing a party in that strip club where we had dinnner. I managed to fuck the strip club waitresse I hung out with the other one and her bf while out partying. Very fun times. Def look me up next time you swing through and we'll go back for dinner
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