Types of hugs and what they mean
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    Types of hugs and what they mean

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering where to post this, since I didn't find some active Body Language forums, I decided to put it here.

    If you've already noticed, there are different types of hugs.
    Some girls will hug you:

    )Hands on the lower back.
    )Hands on the upper back almost touching your shoulders.
    )One hand on the lower back and the other on the upper back.
    )One hand only.
    )Locking her hands around you.
    )Hands above-and-behind your shoulders.
    )Hands on your shoulders. (Like front massage).


    I'm very curious about it... I would like to hear everything you know about it. Share information and stories =)


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    in my opinion the only things you should think about are:

    1) does she come in close and squeeze when she hugs you?
    2) does she glide or rub her hands across your back or body in any way?

    if neither of those happened, then it's just a regular hug.
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    don't try to interpret hugs. the type of hug you get can be pretty random.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverghost View Post
    May i say that we over thinking stuff here?:S
    We're not, that's my personal curiousity...thanks for the very helpful comment.

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    Here is some hugs for ya...

    1. There is the hug that the woman just gives initial hug but no squeeze or movement of her arms after they locked in. This hug tends to be brief and lifeless...

    2. Pity Pat Hug. I love giving this to girls from time to time. While they are hugging you you give them a little pat about 3 of them on their back. lol... This is the I am not interested in you hug...

    3. Most good hugs last for more than 5 seconds and girls who are average height will press their side of their face on your heart area. If the girl is tall like 5'10 then they will tuck their neck into your neck.

    If I try to pull out of the hug most of the time the girls will instantly pull me back in for a few more seconds...

    It's like were the fuck you think your going? I am enjoying your male energy right now...

    4. Good hugs like #3 also have a good long kiss. Depending where it is happening.

    I look for hugs that women are the one's who are giving me a bear hug. This is always from girls who are really feeling me and are down for it....

    Happy Hunting!

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