I need some Dumbass Prevention Help
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  1. I need some Dumbass Prevention Help

    Ok so I sarged this one girl(via direct approach) online and she hooked real well. I been gaming her all summer and finally got a number close when she moved down to my state.

    A few days ago, I did a day game approach on some other girl and got her number. I used the direct approach. But I was getting ready to facebook this girl and I found out shes mutual friends with the first girl lol. What do I do??? I dont have much rapport with this 2nd girl, so I'm hoping she wont say anything to the first one.

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    Pick one girl, no biggie.

  3. Mention to the first girl that you met a girl the other day and she had her on her facebook and how they know each other.

    Then hit the new girl back with you know the other girl. Pick one and use the other in social circle game. Unless you start meeting up with them in real life though, it doesn;t make much of a difference.

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    So you guys have a mutual friend whose an HB? to me that sounds like a good thing

  5. No offense Shaq, but we're not seeing how you knowing two girls who are hot is a problem.

  6. He's worried about hedging his bets and ending up with neither of them.

    Just because they're mutual friends on facebook does not necessarily mean they even talk to each other. They might have just gone to grade school together, or even just to the same party once. Think about how many "friends" you have on facebook, and how many you actually talk to. It bears some investigation.

    If you don't think you can successfully game both of them, then pick one, and stick the other in the friend zone. Flip a coin if you have to.


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