Tenmagnet - Phone consultation, August 2008
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    Tenmagnet - Phone consultation, August 2008

    I had a 1-hour phone consultation with Tenmagnet this past weekend. In short: I was very impressed. Tenmagnet identified my sticking points, and gave me solid and specific advice that was tailored to my personal situation.

    I had a phone consultation to address my sticking points regarding social circle status. My situation is actually pretty complicated, and in the past Iíve tried to explain it, with limited success, to pickup instructors. Tenmagnet understood right away what the situation was, and jumped to the core of my problems.

    Prior to the phone consultation, being a skeptical person, I was worried that I would get the obvious answers to my questions Ė those that anyone who has a good understanding of social dynamics would provide. But Tenmagnet picked up on the fact that I already knew the basics, and jumped to the advanced, specific stuff I was looking for. He provided advice that I wouldnít have thought of on my own, and wouldnít have gotten from someone with less experience and expertise than he has. Most important: this is not the type of advice I could have just found in a book/online. It was tailored to my specific situation and social setting. This advice ranged from broad strategies to little tricks I could try. Iíve already started to apply some of the things he suggested and am seeing good results.

    If I have to do a phone consultation again, Iíll definitely do it with Tenmagnet. I would recommend him to anyone else.

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    Hey man,

    Thanks a lot for the review. I'm glad I was able to give you some advice that was personalized to your needs. Good luck with everything!
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