Cajun bootcamp - Halifax, August 2008

The love system method is not necessarily in tune with my usual game, but when I saw that Cajun was coming to my little city of Halifax I knew it was an opportunity too great to pass up on. So if I can offer anything to the readers of this post it is an unbiased view.

A concierge led me to a small seminar room, and in that room I met Cajun and Mitch. I was to be the only student. I was ecstatic. At this point I would love, and since it is my post I can do what the fuck I want… to give recognition to the great staff at Love Systems (and to Jeremy in particular, who made this experience possible). To this end, Cajun can only be described by me as a dirty, Camaro driving wannabe, filthy Acadian asshole who is the only man I have ever met who struts more that I do. Despite my better judgment I loved him like a dear friend instantly. Mitch is and was a caviler, nonchalant man of indiscernible integrity. He doesn’t give a flying fuck, and I respect that. I had no idea what I was getting in to.

We began with my experience. My whole life had been a series of two long-term relationships. Followed by a subsequent breakup. Since then I had been hitting the bars for the first time in my young adult life at the age of 23. It was new, strange, and exciting. I had 4 snl’s, an unreal amount of numbers and a still possible ltmr not included. We hit the first steps; I was overly excited, bored and intrigued all at the same time. I had read much about what was being taught and I thought that I knew it all already…. I was wrong. During this portion we shared stories like old veterans, even though they were both far more veteran than I. Everything we went over I thought I knew, but it would be proved to the contrary.

We hit the town at 10:30 after some difficulty finding the venue on the part of Mitch and Cajun. I had already been into the planned venue and it was not promising… i.e.: you couldn’t pay me too approach the 200+lbs cougars in there. We bar hopped like mad and the whole city was dead. We approached on the street and I got to see some magic I only now appreciate. I opened a two set who were crossing the street coming towards us while Cajun was busy with a cute busker girl with a rat on her shoulder (how is that for pea cocking?). It was a simple where the hell is good to go tonight opener. I was hitting it off fairly well with my target when Cajun came in to wing the second girl. Both were very hot. Here is where I got to see where I stacked up with a real live pua. Cajun was working his girl and I was working mine. I was switching between holding hands and mutual arms around each other. I am so winning… or so I thought. Cajun had almost no kino(I hate that word too) as far as I knew but his girl was hanging off every word he spoke. He flew threw the stages of seduction as Love Systems presents them and did the 5 question game. She blew a gasket and my girl drug her off talking about their boyfriends. They knew exactly what would happen if they stayed with us. I thought I was doing great but Cajun was even faster, props to him. I didn’t realize until after the boot camp how powerful cutting threads and forcing progression is. Looking back that alone was well worth the price of admission. Watching a pro work was excellent. The attraction was so obvious it was ridiculous.

I would like to make it clear here, that even given my self admitted novice status, I would only pay to work with about 5 guys in the ‘community’, and Cajun is at the top of the list. My faith was proved at the next venue.

We decided to hit up a local favorite, with a late running kitchen and a bunch of high status clientele. Cajun ordered nachos, which I ate, a plenty while observing his trademark body language. His body language is phenomenal (and I feel qualified to judge as a poker playing professional of 3 years) but it barely compares to his facial expressions. Cajun has simply… the most deliberate, yet unassuming so, facial expressions of anyone I have ever met, which includes a colorful list of con-men and hustlers. All one had to do was look at him, and they were sucked into his reality. Mitch deserves an honorable mention here; he dropped so many pearls of deep resonating wisdom that to leave him out would be a farce.

I was up to my late night texting of local hotties. The city was dead. Two beauties were on their way to our venue. They arrived and I opened them while Cajun and Mitch held back. Cajun came in at my request to work the obstacle while I went for my target, which I may say is one of the city’s most beautiful specimens. Cajun was all over any attempt by the obstacle to interfere with the ever-increasing in-depth conversation I was having with said strumpet. I look to find Cajun and said obstacle are on like Donkey-Kong. I number close, with her making me promise I see her again (she has a bf btw) and we move on to our next venue. Here I thank Cajun for giving up a guaranteed snl.

We head to a trendy bar. There are still no sets as far as I can see. I decide to go to plan b…. get hammered. Cajun is looking at me funny. I see a cute two set after following his gaze. They are over my shoulder… ripe for the picking. He orders me to open. I never discussed my major weakness at the time… opening a set in front of people whose opinions matter to me. I freeze up. What opener… what do I say… what if the blow me out in front a premier pua… I can’t handle the pressure…. I always open solo. They are leaving. I can’t now… fuck… they are gone… I am freezing out…. shit…. Cajun… the Cajun is watching me fail… well fuck that… Cajun is yelling at me “Hey” and I snap back to reality… I muster my biggest Alpha voice and open them…. One stays hooked. (Btw Cajun’s openers are totally natural and un-assuming). I am in to win but I can’t keep it together. Opening in front of a world-class pua is blowing my frame to smithereens. I open a cute girl while Cajun number closes a hot brunette he met while watching me in set, way to multi-task. The opening hooks. I am in but I am fizzling into the realm of boring bar questions. Eventually we part. Mitch has been offering bomb advice all night. I can’t wait to hear what he says when I see him starring intense into the distance. “I’m hammered!” he exclaims… my kind of pua. Fuck last call… The night was slow and I am restless… I go to open more sets. Cajun and Mitch go home to rest. I meet with my friends and one of the most beautiful girls (the one I number closed earlier) in Halifax has her double D’s pressed against me making me promise to show up for her party. How can I refuse? Number close one of the hottest girls in Halifax with a millionaire bf. Hello?!!. Thank you Cajun.,..

The next day is the real shit. Subtext… body language… facial expressions…kino…escalating… and the secret question game. If you ever can take a boot camp, take Cajun’s for the questions game. I guarantee it is money. It will get you laid. We also set some goals for the night to come, open at least 15 sets, more kino more escalation.

We head out to a small venue and there isn’t much to open. There are a couple sets and Cajun sends me in. I open fine but I don’t take it anywhere. This is what we might call a sticking point, Cajun had already identified it the night before. We leave for greener pastures and end up at a usual hot spot, there’s a live band, which I hate. Live bands are loud and drawing everyone’s attention. Plus the hottest girls are usually trying to fuck the band members. But I have a job to do, and I am ready to rock. The lack of sets last night, so far this night and my lack of success have me chomping at the bit. Miraculously girls seem to be piling into the joint. Cajun and I are working a two set early; they are both responding well and we are probably good to go with a little bit more work. Something isn’t right though, I can sense it and I am pretty sure Cajun could too. Turns out they both have boyfriends… and they are quite loyal despite best efforts from us. This sends me over the edge and I am in a blur of sets. Fifteen is on my mind. I am opening everything with tits. I am forcing kino and it is working really well, I have an arm around a girl almost all night. A few times their boyfriends or husbands come over to see what the fuck is going on. I am in and out and re-opening so many sets it all becomes a blur. My good friend Mr. Rum is not helping.

Some highlights:
I open a two hotties and Cajun comes into wing., before he gets there my targets friend wanders off. Cajun is ejecting so I am alone with her, he asks “Hey have you seen Mitch.” My girl loses her shit and starts yelling that he called her a bitch. There is no calming her down and she storms out. I’m like “thanks a lot…thanks…” then erupt in hysterical laughter.
This nice looking 6ft tall blonde and I are arms around each other when her boyfriend comes over and drags her off to the dance floor.
I open a seated three set, two of them are talking drama and want me to leave but my target is all about me staying. Mitch and another guy come into take care of the two drama queens but they are in uber-bitch mode.
Cajun and I are working over a couple married girls… until their husbands return to the table.
Dancing with a bridal party.
Opening a two set on the stairs and blocking the people going up and down for a good 7 minutes while we talked about my glasses.
I am pretty sure I called Cajun a dirty Acadian at some point.
Cajun telling me to come into a set he’s about to open and wing him in a few minutes. I order a drink and by the time I get there Mitch is already with the obstacle. I don’t know what to do so I come in anyways… then eject after like ten seconds haha. I chug my rum and coke and go find more sets.
Cajun texts me, he got kicked out. I meet him outside and we head straight into a spot around the corner, hurrah for vip. We head to the vip drink more and open more sets.
I find a three set on the balcony and I am running some of the tightest game I have ever run. Everything I learned is coming out totally natural. I am using some material Cajun just taught me and it’s working like a fucking treat. I am locked in and the girls are qualifying themselves to me. One leaves and another girl comes in with this look like ‘who the fuck are you’, she eye codes her friends and immediately they are all over her, telling her to be nice to me because I am cool. Sweet. Two of these girls are smoking hot. Especially the one who just came in. The girls bounce me to a table and make me sit with them haha. I am busting on everyone, asking the girls how they can deal with all these loser, creepy guys always hovering over them… Just as I say as much this guy starts hovering over the table trying to talk with my original target. The girls and I burst out laughing and blow him out. My new target, the one who came in last, is trying to rock me out of my frame. I’m having none of it and I tell her she’s a little shit but to keep it up. She is eating it up, she out right tells me that she loves how I know she is testing me. There is a glitch in the matrix. They ask how old I am and I make them guess. I ask them what they are taking in school and my target tells me I have to guess. I love snotty girls. I laugh and tell them I won’t. They complain that they guessed for me. My target tells me I could never guess anyway. I tell her I know exactly what she is taking. She rolls her eyes and I say drop the bomb… “Marketing.” She gives me a look like she just shit herself. She can’t speak for a few seconds, and when she can she is asking her friends if they told me (they didn’t, I am just good at reading people, she seemed like the marketing type). She gets up from the table and is frantically texting someone. I guess the next two as well, I get one (writer) but the other is going to be an oral hygienist… No way I can guess that. We are chatting a bit more when my target returns and tells her friends they all have to leave right now, her boyfriend is here. She starts to walk off and the other two stay behind talking to me some more. My target is freaking out at them and they roll their eyes and say they have to go, they make me write down their facebook addresses and promise add them that night and meet them out again. I am so chill, I don’t care that my hot target who was all over me is now freaking out and running away with her boyfriend, or that my other interest is getting dragged along. I am in the zone.

I am walking home through a well-known spot. Usually some people gathering around after the bars close. Two wannabe gangstars are mouthing off to anyone who walks by, well they mouth of to the wrong guy and he and his buddy are jaw jacking with the other two jerk-offs. Some cute trashy looking blonde says she likes my glasses. I go sit with her on the step and talking about the drama in front of us. I guess she is with one of the dudes trying to cause trouble. I tell her I can’t chill with her, two much drama for me. She assures me she hates drama and sits a little closer. Then her boyfriend catches one in the jaw as the situation escalates. Dude he was mouthing off to decks him and starts smashing his head into the pavement. She runs off to deal with it and I am out. The cops will be showing up soon and I don’t plan to be around. I’m heading home on a main street and realize I am two sets short of my goal. I look behind me and see two groups of people walking. So I just yell at both of them if they saw the fight. I am chatting with both groups when I spot a target. She’s with a very drunk friend who is dragging some guy along behind her. She’s tall, nice figure, and has gorgeous curly black hair. I am in super relaxed mode and we chat for five blocks. I end up outside her building making out with her and get her number. Looking back I probably could have full closed. I was drunk, and exhausted, so I missed it.

Day three was my favorite day, even though it was the shortest and the earliest. We reviewed, told out stories from the night before and went over a few things. Phone game, day game, lmr, and identity. Phone game and day game are probably my weakest areas so it was great to get some insight. What I liked most was how we were all so relaxed, probably from exhaustion, that it was like hanging with your boys instead of a seminar. Cajun gave me some homework, which included watching deadwood, and talking to hot girls… who says homework has to be bad? I have been doing both btw . We shot the shit about some Alpha males to use as role models from movies, t.v, and literature.

Before, during, and even after the seminar I had some doubts. There’s always the question of do I really need this and are these strangers I have never met really helping me? I can say that I am completely satisfied. When I look at where I was then to where I am only a few weeks later, I am way much farther along. Not only that, but I now know where my weak points lie. I know what to improve so that I can continue to progress. I know now that the only thing that can stop my progress is me. I was worried that I would meet a pua and it would be some sleazy let down, or some kind of social robot with no personality. I got the opposite, I would kick it with Cajun and Mitch anytime. In fact if they don’t call me when they are in Halifax next to go get shitfaced and play paintball I will be most offended. Thanks you Love Systems, and thank you Mitch and Cajun. And thank you self for going a head and taking a risk… it was well worth it.

Brother Raven out.