Pc muscle exercises are dangerous

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    Pc muscle exercises are dangerous

    Just to clear things up I know for a FACT without a shadow of a doubt it was the pc muscle exercises that messed us up.. I have been having sex from since 12 years old and up till I was 14 it took me around 3 hours before I would cum during sex then I heard about these exercises and tried them for fear that one day I would not be able to satisfy my lover (I was doin just fine without them mind you) I started practicing then all of a sudden I started cumming quickly and I stopped having sex for awhile. Just when I hit 18 I started surfing the internet to find out WTF was happening and then I found herballove.com and I realized what really happened. Like most college students I don't have money for all them herbs and shit and I'm sure all I need is foods that aid in giving your body better circulation like garlic,onions,fish,honey,and peanuts. I found that tensing my upper abdomals while expanding my lower stomach helps fight off the urge to ejaculate.. Its like a reverse kegel for lack of a better word.. I also found that holding an anal contraction makes my penis go soft.. so i am playing around with that concept by holding a reverse kegel and an anal contraction.
    I have made some resonable amount of gains from doing this nothing spectacular but its slowly helping cure what the pc muscle exercise has damaged. Some of the side affects from doing pc muscle exercises are involuntary contractions of your pc muscle while you sleep,walk,sit,or when your dick gets hard and it rubs against your pants or your boxers..
    So guys to help with cumming to quickly try relxaing the pc by using the recommendations above and try to keep it relax at all times until the involuntary contractions go away.. Mine are starting to fade away its still kinda there but it has gotten wayyyy better my control during sex has improved.
    P.S. Try exercising your anal muscles if you are moving you penis when doing the contractions you are doing it wrong. Its like tring to hold in a shit. Sit on your toilet and try it.
    P.S.S. The only way to help cure youself is to stop the pc muscle exercises immediately and try to keep them relax during the day and sex and try working on the anal contractions them try them both during sex. It might take a few weeks to a few months to see any resonable results but keep at it this method is working for me.

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    Do you have a source or is this just personal experience?

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    thank you for this post i was like you wen iwas young too but i nvr knew about pc mucles they would just work on their own (seemingly)it got to a point where i was cuming faster too not embarassingly fast but not lasting as long but i also learned recently that fighting off this urge and being intimate for too long can desensitize your penis so guys be careful and goos post

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    Knowing what the PC muscles are and how they work I don't see a connection to doing them and decreasing the ability to last in bed. Not only does it make sense that, if done correctly, they should help you last longer in bed but the physiology of the muscles alone show that they should help. Also, there are plenty of studies to prove this. Maybe you were doing them incorrectly or you just became more sensitive as you developed. At 12 and even 14 you're still not completely sexually mature so I'd point to that as more likely the explanation than to the negative effects of PC muscle exercises.

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    Display MOB both. ru35 its simple, you are both right and wrong pc muscle exercises aren't dangerous it is the mainstream way of doing them is dangerous. You know, where you stop your piss midstream, that way is the wrong way because 1, your pc muscle is located around your anus and the muscle you guys are using is called bulbocavernosus BC muscle for short. ''The BC muscle has two main purposes. One is to force liquid (urine or semen) out of the urethra. It does this by way of the herringbone interlacing of muscle fibers which, as they contract, milk the urethra toward the meatus (opening at the tip of the glans). It also happens to cause the penis to be pulled into the body (the LOT tug-back). This happens every time a man urinates. It also happens with much greater force, and with rhythmic contractions, when he ejaculates. The BC muscle is the main ejector of semen. This is why ejaculation improves by exercising it'' (extracted from [ame=http://www.thundersplace.org/forum/showthread.php?t=16232]Locating the bc muscle - Thunder's Place Free Penis Enlargement Forums[/ame]) Indeed ejaculation improves but at what cost? harder erections yea and making you cum faster.''The other function of the BC is to squeeze blood into the corpus spongiosum and the glans. The bulb of the penis is a reservoir of blood. At the time of greatest arousal voluntary or reflex contractions of the BC and Ischiocavernosus muscles force blood into the corpora''. When you strengthen the BC muscle it gets bigger and rubs against the prostate and then the prostate enlarges. When the prostate enlarges it prepares your body for ejaculation. In short when your are a couple weeks into the exercises your body links your hard erections directly to the process of ejaculation. The anal contractions and the reverse kegels are the proper exercises to help you last as long as you want. As of right now I corrected most of the damage of what the mainstream pc muscle exercises have done. I can now say I can last as long as I want. When Ido these during sex sometimes I can feel energy going up and down my spine to my brain.. Like heat and tingles and such, but it doesn't happen right way but when it does it feels great. Some people may argue that exercising any part of your body is natural and can't harm you that may be true depending on your intentions. If you want to cum faster you can do the mainstream way of doing the pc muscle exercises and cum faster or you can do the anal contractions and reverse kegels and last longer. It is up to you it is what you want to do. When you first start the anal contractions get an erection and try to squeeze the muscles without moving your penis, instead your penis should be getting soft. Try to piss and squeeze the anal muscles if you are doing them right you piss should NOT stop. When you get advaced in the exercises try doing them together and seperate. Hold a reverse kegel and an anal contraction do them while walking,sitting and doing everyday activities. So when you do have sex you can do it without feeling awkward and with some practice you will be able to do vigorous sex without stopping. Hope this helps

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    Oh yea and ru35 you are right haven't sexually matured at that age but Men who started the exercises when they were around 18,25,30,45 and beyond have had these symptoms with doing the mainstream way of doing the pc muscle exercises. I have researched for probably over a thousand hours trying to find out how to last longer, and everywhere I go I keep hearing about how pc muscle exercises. First you hear how great these almighty exercises are but when you search hard enough you find people how have made themselves come quicker then you realize that the same symptoms you are experiencing are the same ones they are having. Since doing the anal contractions and reverse kegels I have cured myself.

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    Can you specify how exactly you do a reverse kegel?

  8. Hold a reverse kegel and an anal contraction do them while walking,sitting and doing everyday activities.
    Sorry man I'll pass on that one! I could just picture someone trying to do this while they were walking. They would probably look like a constipated hunchback!

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    a PROPER PC muscle program would tell u

    you dont just squeeze like you are stopping urine
    you also RELEASE as if youre pushing the urine out harder, which is what RELAXES the muscles that make you orgasm....

    the exercises are a mixture of the two in various ways

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    To do a reverse kegel you have to tense you upper abdominals and expand your lower abdominals with air. If you can roll a wave throughtout your stomach with air, its sorta like that but intstead you hold steady the the tense with upper abdominals and expand the lower abdominals. If you are doing it correctly it should look like the upper portion of your of your stomach is sucked in while the lower portion is expanded. And trust me it works.. At first go slow during sex but when you get the hang of it you can have wild monkey sex for days if you want, your body may give out but you won't cum and your erection will be hard as ever.


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