The adventures of Strike. Dublin based newbie.
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    The adventures of Strike. Dublin based newbie.

    And so it begins…
    I’m Strike (22) from Dublin, Ireland. I’m new to the Game. I’ll be starting the newbie drill on the 18th. If anyone is interested in joining me, I’d like to hear from them. I’m going to post a description of my progress here so that I can learn from the advice and criticism of others. Maybe someone else who’s starting might learn something from my successes and failures too.
    I’ll start in the beginning with a bit of background and then move on to my preparations so far.
    When I was a kid I was shy and quite overweight. Then I was a shy and underweight teenager with braces. I had very little success with girls.
    Things did not improve to any great extent when I went to college. I was a nervous depressed wreck on most nights out. Drinking too much did not help matters; it exacerbated my paranoia about all things feminine and stopped me from putting on any muscle.
    Slowly, very slowly, things began to change. I knew I had to change things. I had already had some success in making changes when I lost a lot of weight in my mid teens. I knew that I could turn things around. I bought Double you Dating by David D’angelo. It helped me a bit. I liked the idea of cocky funny but I didn’t have skills to portray a confident fun person.
    A girl called Aoife taught me that nice guys get nothing. A girl called Ciara taught me that if you don’t shoot, you won’t score. (That sitting back and trying to look cool, secretly hoping she’s going to make the 1st move doesn’t work.)
    I kept up the exercise in college and tried to move in a new direction. I started hitting the gym pretty hard. I’m not that big now, but I went from about 140lbs to about 190lbs. I started reading the Ross O’ Carroll Kelly books. I liked the character – he is the ultimate in cocky and funny!
    My work in the gym paid of on the pitch. My sporting ability gave me more confidence and I developed my social skills. I took summer jobs in college to buy nice clothes and meet new people. I started to relax. I got lucky a few times but more often than not I’d get drunk on nights out and over analyse the situation and be consumed by my own demons.
    One day I was messing around on the net and I came across ‘the Game’. I bought it and read it in about two days. It was brilliant. I bought a whole library of books on the subject that are mentioned in the book and others that were related. I subscribed for the O.A.P. I recently bought the 5 DVD box set. I can’t wait for it to arrive.
    I tried opening sets a few times. I didn’t attack it with the consistency that I should have. I have exams at the moment. I’m going to do the newbie drill on the 18th of April. Stay tuned for details…
    I had some success with my new confidence, body and skills. As I’ve mentioned, I was a late starter, I didn’t kiss a girl ‘till very late in life. It’s a measure of the skills and abilities conveyed in the mystery method that I f*cked the first girl I ever kissed. I wonder how many people can say that??
    Buoyed by the success on my half hearted attempts to become a PUA I jumped in with two feet and immersed myself in the writings and teaching of leading members of the community. I bought books, DVD’s and CDs. I’m thinking of travelling to a seminar as soon as I can get the cash together.
    I’ve also some other thing to help my game:
    I bought a book and CD on hypnosis for confidence. My confidence is better but you can always improve. (It was going cheap on e-bay anyway.)
    I’ve started studying magic. I’ve preformed at several social events. It’s great for developing confidence and social skills. In terms of the game, you have to be careful not to do too much or you end up looking like a weirdo/looser trying to impress them. It’s best to leave them wanting more. I’ve got a lot of cool tricks. It’s a lot of fun.
    I’ve invested a lot of time and money in grooming and clothes. I’d like to recommend Johnson’s Holliday Skin for all the Irish guys with no tan. It’s great for a tan if you don’t want the premature ageing of the skin associated with the sun/sunbeds. It’s cheap and easy to apply. It makes me wonder why son many Irish girls are so pale/bright orange. If a guy can get a fake tan, why can’t they sort themselves out?? (This has really helped me see myself as the prize!)
    I’ve been trying to balance the other parts of my life. I’m trying to build a career (wealth) and I’m taking better care of my health.
    I’ve given up drinking. I think it holds people back in life. It leads to depression, paranoia, weight gain and it stops you adding muscle in the gym. I’ve saved a fortune that I would have wasted on booze. I have more energy now and more confidence. I don’t need to drink to enjoy myself.
    That’s a bit of history to start the ball rolling. I’ll add a bit more about preparations soon.

  2. Good on you Bro!
    Congrats on being honest about your past - parts of your story are familiar to many of us! You are very lucky to have begun this process so young.
    The good news is that, from what I have read, you are actually about 80% of the way to being a PUA. Most guys never get up off their ass and get moving - making the decision to change counts more than anything in my view.
    You probably have enough info available at the moment, but I would recommend the Bristol Lair website for some brill articles.
    NLP is an excellent and very rapid way to make adjustments to your inner game, for example to reduce approach anxiety. Here is a god starting point. I reckon Game is 95% inner. If you are feeling good and really positive about yourself, the HBs will come and it doesn't really matter what you say to them - you just can't f*ck it up.
    You will find that the work you are doing on yourself will help you succeed with HBs and will bring benefits to every other area of your life.

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    Mate it sounds like you're really turning your life around and building confidence and realising that you are the prize, good luck with your journey!

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    13 Days to go. Tan level; pasty white.

    Hey Guys,
    Less than two weeks to go now before the drill starts. My preparations are coming along well. I’m studying the manual and making a few notes that I can quickly refer to in the heat of battle.
    I’ve started to more about NLP. (Thanks BlueEyes) The more I learn the more confident I feel. I got an e-mail saying that the 5DVD box set is on the way. I think that will be a big help.
    I’ve been putting other elements in order:
    I tend to dress slightly formal when I go out. I often wear a jacket, shirt jeans and nice shoes. I agree with many learned commentators that shoes are of vital importance. If I’m hitting a student do, I’ll go a bit more casual with nice trainers- I like the retro style of the 80’s.
    I need to dress well more often. I often slum it when I’m going to the gym or the shop. I think I’ve missed plenty of chances by not feeling/looking pimptacular like I should.
    Lot’s of the top guys swear by some charms, pendants earrings etc. I’ve tried them out and I think they really add something. Girls notice this type of thing and it gives them something to compliment you on. I bought a lot of my stuff on e-bay. I got some magnetic earrings. They’re cool. You don’t need to get your ears pierced and it gives you that edgy look. I have a necklace with small wooden skulls on it as beads. I keep in my bag and I put it on with my pendant if we move to an edgy/younger scene. I’ve bought a LED 1970’s style watch with leather strap. It’s quality.
    I use Johnson’s Holliday Skin. I used to use sun beds, but they cause premature ageing of the skin-not good. I live in Ireland so the tanning in the sun just isn’t an option.
    I bought a teeth whitening set. I brush my teeth four times a day. If anyone knows a good kit to buy, let me know about it. My teeth are fine but you can always improve.
    On a side note, I’m in the middle of trying to switch jobs at the moment. I am looking for my first job in my chosen career area. I had an interview on Tuesday for a dream job. I used some of the knowledge I’ve learned from studying the handbook and other resources in the interview- I think it was a big help. I thought I didn’t have much of a chance of getting the job, but it went really well. My confidence is up recently and it showed. I played it well in terms of body language and what I said.
    Some guys left messages of support following my last post; I’d like to shout out a real big ‘Cheers Lads’ to all of them.

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    12 Days to go. Tan Level: Pure Brilliant White.

    The DVD’s have arrived!!! They’re a big help. The whole method is a lot clearer conceptually in my mind now. It’s the perfect compliment to the manual. I copied them to my ipod so that I can study on the go.
    Other stuff that I’ve laid my grubby little paws on in preparation for going over the top:
    1) A whole bunch (20) of perfume samples.
    2) More ethnic/tribal jewellery. Some of it is quite cool.
    3) A small leather bag to carry all my supplies in. This also arrived today. I’m concerned that the whole ensemble will look a bit gay. Between the rings, earrings, flashy watch , scruffy hair and clothes I might be putting out the wrong kind of signs. This is probably just paranoia instilled by my Irish upbringing. Many of my friends would frown on any grooming efforts and I myself would never have considered the efforts I go to today a year ago.
    In another important development today, a friend of mine invited me to a party that a friend of his is having in UCD (that’s a big University in Dublin) this weekend. This should be a target rich venue if ever there is one. I know the girl who’s having the party too- that crowd always have cool parties. I’ll be bringing my A game to that one. It should be a good place to apply what I’ve learned in a practical setting.
    I’m exercising twice a day at the moment- weights and running mainly. I do a bit of mountain biking and swimming too. The other day I thought that someone had short-changed me in the shop. I wasn’t sure, usually I let things like that go because I’m not the alpha male - a bit shy and nervous. I’ve been trying to put that right so I decided to call them on it. To cut a long story short I’ve made at least €1.69 back on the price of the DVD’s already. The small victories mean a lot when you’re starting out.
    I’ve decided to follow Mystery’s advice and give up … what should I call it??? For the sake of my own ego I’ll just refer to it as ‘self manipulation’. He’s so right, so many guys take the easy way out, doing the old five knuckle shuffle and spending their nights out ’on the pull’ eyeing up the girls, talking the talk but doing nothing about it.
    It’s time to seize get in the game. 5% of the guys do 95% of the shagging out there, I think that if you want a piece of that action you’ve got to be willing to do what the other man won’t. For example- shave (not just your beard), dress a bit ’gay’, groom yourself more than the cat does and research more material than goes into a fairly decent PhD.
    ’… you can’t fock about in a maul,
    you’ve got to go straight for the try line.’
    Ross O Carroll-Kelly

  6. alpha

    A few things to watch out for:
    1) Are you under huge pressure to become a PUA? – the best way is to set smaller attainable PU sub goals – these sub goals should be just outside of your reach but attainable if you stretch yourself a bit.
    2) Women like men to look like men. I know - its a mystery to me too why they aren't all lesbos, but that's the reality of it. So, by all means, dress well, become well groomed, etc but do not use a razor anywhere below neck level.
    3) Women like men to act like men. The main thing you need to work on, in my view, is becoming an alpha male. [There are plenty of posts here on this subject]. Otherwise you will flunk out - no matter how well you have mastered the PU material.
    I’m concerned that the whole ensemble will look a bit gay. Between the rings, earrings, flashy watch , scruffy hair and clothes I might be putting out the wrong kind of signs. This is probably just paranoia instilled by my Irish upbringing. Many of my friends would frown on any grooming efforts and I myself would never have considered the efforts I go to today a year ago
    If you become an alpha male, these kinds of concerns magically disappear! You can't fake it - you must believe that YOU ARE THE MAN - get it?
    To become an alpha male, you may need to take a step back and work on your self-esteem and self-confidence – again search the forum for help here or let me know if you want some suggestions.
    4) Don’t know if this point applies to you, but here it is anyway.
    In general, you only get what think you deserve NOT what you actually deserve. This is a BIG distinction that is important to know.
    This applies to income, car, where you live and most importantly to HBs? What kind of HB do really believe you deserve? HB6? HB7? Why?
    If you don’t feel that you deserve HB10s, you will NEVER get any. NEVER.
    If you feel that you have nothing to offer or that they wouldn’t be interested in you, this always goes back to self-esteem and self-confidence. Fix it!
    Finally, here are two excellent articles from the Bristol Lair – I recommend that read these every time you go out
    What Women HATE Most About Single Guys
    The truth about women
    PS well done so far and props for your honesty dude!

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    9 Days to go. Tan level: Vaguely in the Direction of Light Brown.

    I decided to get a bit of practice in before the big launch on the 18th. I went to the party and tried to approach a few sets. I didn’t excel by any means, but I think that I learned a lot from the experience and gained in confidence. There were a few occasions that I would have found very socially awkward before my recent studies, but at these times I took comfort in the fact that I was in that situation with an objective, and that it would ultimately be enriching.
    What I learned:
    I need to open sets with more energy. I also need to speak louder and with more enthusiasm where required. I have a slow, calm, natural speaking voice. This is quite good for building comfort (one of the girls complimented me on it several times, girls often think I’m really laid back because of it) but not so good if I’m opening or trying to show that I’m a leader/dominant male. It holds me back when I’m opening because I bring the energy level down.
    This is something I can improve on with conscious effort. At times during the night I made sure to be high energy and to speak with enthusiasm. I noticed a big difference.
    I need to have a LOT more interesting material. I ran out of canned stuff and stuff that I practiced. The rehearsed material is more effective. I must do up a cheat sheet of material, I must also research and write some new stuff of my own.
    I didn’t drink all night and I didn’t get frustrated or annoyed. I think that being out with people who are drinking when you’re not is only annoying when you secretly want to dink yourself. I noticed a lot more of the subtleties of human interaction without alcohol.
    There were a few occasions when I slipped into my old quiet and shy ways. On one occasion I opened a mixed three four set and has delivered two openers well when one of the guys cut me off with a related story of his own. I had a brilliant story that was directly related and that basically would have made his look like a jar of old piss, but I delayed and lost momentum. Eventually I just left. I wasn’t happy with myself-but I decided to learn from the incident and to be more proactive. I think the thing to do is to just bail in there and hope for the best. I’m not worried about failing, I’m scared of not trying-that’s the real failure.
    I really enjoyed the night. There were some fun times but what I really enjoyed was beginning the adventure of trying to become a PUA. I liked the buzz of approaching strangers and living on my wits, gambling with my social status and testing the social boundaries.
    I hope to do a lot more field work soon. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on my efforts.

  8. progress!

    Dude - you are making great progress. The ups and downs you have described are typical of what happens at the beginning.
    Remember that you are the f*cking PRIZE - you are giving these birds a chance to show YOU that THEY have something worth attracting you with.

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    8 Days to go. Tan Level: Light Golden Brown

    Thanks BlueEyes, I'm off to another party tonight, this one is in Trinity College. I'll be sure to have the right attitude. I don't know if there'll be much talent at it but it can't hurt to be prepared.

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    Hiya. Well done on your progress! I'm based in Limerick.
    Having a look at my posts you will see that as I like to say, I unintentionally went from PUA to AFC and now I want to go back again.
    Balls out confidence is by far and away the most important thing it seems. Read a little about frames and other inner game stuff.
    Im still trying to find my old ways, slowly but surely. I hope to hit Dublin for the weekend of the Munster Vs. Leinster game!

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