A memorial to those who want to get out of the "friends" zone.

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    A memorial to those who want to get out of the "friends" zone.

    So, you've screwed up for reasons related your game, her relationship status, logistics, your one-itis, AMOGs, God, the weather or whatever.

    How to get out of LJBF zone has been discussed to death on the forums and any NEW thread that proclaim to want help in that department so that they can get "this one girl" will end up here.

    Here is the most viewed thread on the subject.

    The best way to get out of the friends zone is not to get there in the first place(esp if your intention is 'to be more than friends"). You are advised to look for other 'remedies' by using the search function.

    (If you've never failed, you've never lived.)

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    How do I break the friend barrier (If Possible)

    Hey guys, so I know this is strongly unrecommended, but I really wanna see if it can be done... I have a bunch of friends that are girls who I really wanna hook up with, one in particular that I kinda have a thing for. I know it sounds super AFC and all, but trust, its not really what it seems. I don't really hang around these girls to much anymore, but back in the day I spent a substantial amount of time with each girl (as friends). I don't really pay attention to our friendship anymore, BUT, when we're at parties, I still feel this "Friendship Barrier" between us and I can't seem to break it

    The obviously thing I thought to do was just ignore the fact that you have this friendship and game them like any other random HB... I tryed this and boys, It did not work.

    First off, my negs were useless, I'm pretty sure because of the fact that they know me and thought I was just playing around. They also seemed pretty confused because they've never seen me on this level.

    Secondly, they kept pulling me into conversations that threw me off game. For example they kept talking about some of the crazy parties I had way back when, OR, something that we did together a year ago. Unknowingly, I would fall into a huge conversation exchanging stories, and more stories, and even more stories, until I completely forget my objective. Believe me I tried to get my game back on track, but it just wouldn't happen.

    Finally, if I did manage to isolate and DHV, they would show signs of enjoyment, but the IOI's just weren't there. I got this vibe that if I were to do something like kiss, they would get all weirded out because WE ARE "friends"... I know I shouldn't trust those vibes, but fuck, its a tricky situation; If i do successfully close AWESOME! but if i try and fail... shit would just be weird between me and that girl from then on, and it would be one hell of an awkward summer...

    but I guess thats the risk you take when you try and Sarge your friends...

    Anyways I don't know what else to do, it would be righteous if you guys could help me out.

    One of my buddies who's also in the community gave me some advice to use strong Kino. I havn't tryed it yet, I'll give it a shot tonight.


  3. LJBF opener? (DO A SEARCH)

    Hi guys,

    Just got back from my holiday in Germany, a perfect moment to try an ex-HB that unfortunately I got into the deadly LJBF zone with.

    Now, I really like to open again since she's a 9,5 and I still like her looks...the Layguide says I should wait two months and I am at 1,5 now...haven't heard anything yet and neither did I let her know something. I just ingnored her for 6 weeks now.

    So please, a little advice to open again please. Should I send a simple SMS textmessage and wait for respons or should I call?

    Anyone good suggestions about how to open a LJBF HB and what my message should contain?

    Tnx in advance for your advisory :-)


  4. friend zone at work (do a search dude)

    i recently admit to this girl at work that i find her attractive and would like to get to know her more. she responded by saying that she would like to be friend.

    how do i give her time apart when i see her all the time and get out of the friend zone?

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    How do you capitlize on a girl who just broke up in a relationship? [LJBF zone]

    Here are the main stroke of things.

    -Girl i befriended as a friend because she was in a relationship which I respected.

    -The reason I didn't cut her off long ago and kept her around is because I was attracted and still am.

    -She tells me that they broke up and is sad but tries not to show it...

    - I still like her

    Now how to I handle this?

    Do I comfort her and tell her "its gonna be ok"?
    Turn that frown upside down and make her laugh?
    Tell her that there are better guys out there?

    Whats would be the best way to create attraction and capture her from a friend stand point? Throw me some examples

  6. DHVING Help - do a search

    I've been reading around the forum to find a DHV stories, but I cann't find any. So I was wondering, does anyone have a an example of what a quality DHV story would be. One that has everything, and someone has tried and used before.

    I understand that the best stories are our own, I would just like to read one to get a good idea of how it is written. So if anyone has one, or knows where to get one, that would be greatly appreciated.

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    Im stuck in the friend zone

    How do i get rid of it . Best strategy . She not just another girl she a hb9 but i been friend with her for like two year but she was gone out of state for 1 year of it now she back . Im still a afc but i need help . How do i make her want me more then a friend

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    You don't. move on. plenty of girls out there.

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    My girlfriend broke up with me and has put me in the dreaded friends zone

    I want her back. I know it'll take time and I'll have to start at the bottom again - so to speak. Have any of you guys got any pointers to help me out? It took me by surprise when it happened and I did plead with her a little. I know this is not good. Since then, though, I've done my best to show a lack of concern about what has happened. I've been out and got laid and spoke about this with a mutual friend on facebook knowing that she'll find out. What else can I do fellas?


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    ok how do i turn a friend into a girlfriend!

    ok heres the deal ive worked with this girl for quite a while but only lately have i started to like her, the thing is im pretty certain she likes me (shes always lookin at me, laughin at my jokes, nd when ive asked to meet with her shes agreed excitedly) but as were friends id like to know how to tell her that i like her? because altho she likes me it might be awkward? i mean id love to go out with her just dont know how to transition in this situation.
    thanks for the help much appreciated.
    mr orange

    p.s shes pretty shy if that makes a difference

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