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    pull the trigger

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    How to get girls out of the Friend Zone

    I have a formal for my fraternity in a week and was going to take a girl i know previously and am friends with. Would you recommend trying to ask someone random, or are there any specific details on how to get girls out of the friend zone and interested in me?

  3. Becoming the "friend"

    Hi, everyone. This is my first post on these forums and so far all of the stuff I've been learning is great. Well recently I ran into a problem that I'm not sure about.

    In high school (around 3 years ago) I was an AFC and had no game. I was trying to be with this one girl which I found pretty cool. She's around an 8.5. Well I failed completely and became "the friend" and although it wasn't verbalized I knew where I was so I stopped trying. I never got any "we should be friends" line or any of that but I never properly handled the comfort stages and I stayed in comfort for way too long.

    Shortly asfter that I started learning all about pick-ups with a good friend of mine and we've learned all there is to know. And I've had successful relationships since then but a couple of months ago, I got back in touch with the same girl from High School. Now I'm wondering, how would I go about this sort of target. I have comfort already and I'm not sure how to go about suduction or if this is even possible at this point. I'm going to her house in a couple of days because she needs help with something so I do have an opportunity. What should I do?

    Sorry for drawing that out, and thanks in advance.


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    I've had that happen before.Take my advice KINO a lot with her.That the only way you will get out of the friend zone.

  5. How to Pick Up Women You Already Know = get out of friends zone.

    Hey guys,

    Any tips on how to pick up women you already know? Like a previous acquaintance or even a friend? I feel like many of the steps in Mystery Method won't work because she already knows about you.


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    Getting out of the Friend zone

    Earlier this summer i met this old friend of me, i havent spoken to her for about 3 years, and so after me and this girl went on a smaler roadtrip to pick upp one of her friends from a party we have spending time and contackt ever since. so now 4 months later iwe bin in love with her for something like 3 months.
    ANYWAY, it looks like she likes me wery good, we have god contact and spend time together all the time.
    But since we have bin friends for so long i dont have the bals to tell her I like her for more than a friend, im joust afraid it would fuck up our friendship and her not wanting to spend that mouch time with me anymore.

    I happen to live in her apartment now for 2 weeks because of buisniss reasons, so i hoped to realy turn things around. Iwe bin here for 2 days now and we have fun all the time, go out to eat and see movies all night long.

    I know i suck in english:P and im not a god writer, i joust hope someone have any help, a way to tell her how i feel without making anything wierd. or how to know that she likes me more than a friend?

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