Talking on the phone everyday....losing excitement!!
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    Talking on the phone everyday....losing excitement!!

    hey guys,

    Been talking to a girl for awhile now that I started dating actually. I've noticed when we don't talk for awhile on the phone...say a few days or so its like we can sit on the phone for hours and catch up about our lives and talk about anything and everything. But when we talk on a consitant basis like everyday the spark kinda fades away... its more of a "how was your day? my day was good how was yours?" kinda conversation. I know shes busy and stressed as hell with work and some other stuff going on. so sometimes we talk about her stressful day at work or some mumbo jumbo bullshit. Its not that it gets boring but it kinda does... I feel like I'm missin something. I know she digs me a lot! but sometimes I feel like I'm fallin into that "guy friend" category when the conversation heads this way or loses its excitement.

    When/if you guys have a girl that you talk to on the phone on a consistent basis or when you're in a relationship with a girl is this normal for phone conversations?? do any of you run into this same problem where it feels like you just run out of things to talk about besides how your day was? If so, how do/did you overcome it or get the spark going again or is this just normal???



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    a) don't talk everyday on the phone, because you will have only the past 24 hours to talk about (unless you've remembered something else). Give it time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    b) meet in person. Its much easier to talk and WAY easier to flirt in person, therefore not falling into the "guy friend" catagory.


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