The Don Bootcamp - New York, August 2008 (Social Circle: Braddock, Day Game: Soul)

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  1. The Don Bootcamp - New York, August 2008 (Social Circle: Braddock, Day Game: Soul)

    Overall, the weekend was two thumbs up!

    Bootcamp on Aug 8-10

    -First rate instruction! The Don, Big Business and Braddock know their stuff. Idea after idea of PRACTICAL and LEARNABLE knowledge just EXPLODED one after the other. Their are things that you just cant read in a book, which brings me to...

    In field coaching at night, I became an approach machine! The combination of feedback from the coaches in tandem with seeing them in action changes how you view reality , ala Matrix.

    Social circle mastery

    -Braddock did not disappoint,the seminar was filled with ELUSIVE obvious facts. In my opinion it was the equivalent of attending a top notch self-improvement course. The seminar was not about quick fixes, if thats what you want then this seminar is not for you. But if you want to further invest in yourself and your game, this seminar will help you complete your game.

    Day Game

    -First off, I was with Soul during the evening infield portion, and he definately has game at night as well. Soul offered us the CORRECT tools of the trade for day game, from A-Z. As i pointed out above, the lectures and demonsrtation presented here cannot be simply read in a book.

  2. The Don Bootcamp - New York, August 2008 (with Braddock, Soul, Big Business, Sphinx)

    It's been almost a week since the bootcamp started and I'm still dizzy from all the information I took in. I filled almost an entire 80 sheet spiral notebook full of notes from the seminar and my head filled just tons and tons more than that. I'm actually trying to sort it all out and organize it in my brain.

    The Don was an amazing instructor. So cool, collected and natural. He had tons of information to give, but he went through it all like it was the most casual thing, pausing for stories and asides and allowing questions throughout. Frankly, I had my doubts about taking the bootcamp with him, especially after I saw Cajun's Keys to the VIP video right after signing up. I saw The Don briefly on the Dr. Phil special about LoveSystems and thought, "Really? This guy? He's going to teach us?" But I was totally wrong. He was a very cool guy with great insight and years and years of experience. Very approachable and playful. I would like to have seen him in action in the field, tho. He mostly hung back and watched, rather than getting in and approach himself. Tho he was always available for tips or advice (or encouragement). The other instructors were approaching left, right, and center, so I guess maybe that's how it works: The Don as supervisor, the other instructors as facilitators.

    SEMINAR (5 out of 5 stars)
    It's true what they say on the LoveSystems Training page: "...even for those familiar with our techniques or online posts will find almost all of the material presented to be new and original." I didn't think it was possible to teach the basics without just giving us all the same material from Magic Bullets, etc, but it's true. They did. Day after day. And that's my only gripe: that it was SO much information for three days. It could have been stretched out over a week (as Braddock repeated a few times, "it's like drinking from a firehose."). Of course, no one has that kind of time to devote, so they make do and just fill your brain with info over the 3 days. Fair enough.

    It's true what they say: The student-to-instructor ratio at the workshop was no higher than 2:1. I got to put faces to names I'd heard a bunch of times over Magic Bullets and The Attraction Forums: Braddock, Soul, Big Business, and others. We hit the ground running at night time. I thought we'd get to see some of the instructors open some sets first (as it says on the Love Systems training page "Demonstration is crucial... You will see us approach and meet beautiful women and demonstrate techniques for your benefit."), but it didn't go like that. We got to the roof where the girls were and Sphinx turned to me and said, "open that set right there". I said okay and went for it, but inside I panicked. Maybe it was best that way. Still, I would have liked to see them open some sets first. Funny thing tho: on that first 4-set, I totally fumbled and stuttered the opener and the guy in the group said, "Hey are you one of those pick up artist guys?" I laughed it off, but I'm not sure I was very convincing (despite hanging around in the set for a while after that). Big Business had a great set of responses for just that very AMOG dig.

    I've opened a lot on my own, but I finally got to wing (and learn how to be a good wing) for the first time at the workshops. I'd be talking to some set or one of the instructors and Big Business would whisk me away to some set one of the other students was working. If you want help with your winging game, Big Business is the man to go to.

    One of the biggest things I got to see firsthand was how these girls would be talking to me and they'd be at this one energy level. Then the instructor would come up to talk to them and immediately they'd light up and start laughing. That was inspiring enough to keep learning and moving forward in my game.

    It was also great to be able to go on a little "mission" and then come back to the instructors to tell them how it had gone. They would almost always have good advice for how to handle this or that situation in the future. Then they'd send you on a new mission with a different tack. "Try this" they'd say. "Go now!" It was great. Painful, but great.

    This guy is the king of improv. Snidely and sarcastic, he always has something funny and clever to say; even when you relate a story about not knowing how to get out of a situation or comment a girl has made. He tells you immediately what you should have said; and it just came off the top of his head. Again, he is the king of wing and loves to put you in situations where you're winging another student: a crucial skill to learn

    This guy has so much energy it is insane. You start to think you're on uppers or something just being around him. He's got great fashion sense (more my style: hip rocker) and is a real sweetheart, aside from being absolutely hilarious. He's so passionate about gaming and giving that knowledge to his students. He just wants you to succeed. He'd cram an hour seminar session into a 10-min "tease" about his Social Circle seminar. You just could not keep up with this guy. I loved it.

    I'd read about his day game exploits in Amsterdam in a recent OAP, so I was really interested to meet Soul. This guy was so chill which was nice because I started to get the feeling that I needed to increase my energy level 10-fold after hanging with Sphinx and Braddock. But the chillaxed style is more my vibe. He had great fashion sense, too, and I had fun bombing with him at the bar at the end of the first night. We picked up a few sets together and I got to see him at work. He knew just when to push and when to pull. I'm dying to go to his Day Game seminar. I live in New York and it's true, there's so many beautiful women just walking around town during the day. I'd love to learn to pull them right off the street.

    In the end, you finally come to terms with the nagging obvious: it's true, there's no magic bullet to this. I'm not going to become a stud from one weekend of painful work. Just like everything else that comes out of hard work and determination, learning to be a better, more attractive man is hard. It's painful. And it extends long past this first weekend. It's a mind-blowing and reality-altering experience that will take you far outside your comfort zone. I came home from the second night of the workshop feeling like I was flying home from another planet. But you realize: this is the only way things will change. It is not going to happen unless you make it happen.

    But it helped to hear that all of these guys get blown out regularly (even if it's just indifference.) After reading all this stuff over the years, you sort of start to think the best pickup artists NEVER get blown out; that that's what we're all striving for. In a way it is, obviously, but it can be intimidating to look at it from that point of view. As Braddock pointed out several times, if you think too much about the results, you'll fail at the process. You have to take it one level to the next. When you think to yourself, "I'm not trying to pick these girls up, I'm just interested in their opinion on this one topic; I'm just being social," it gets a whole lot easier and approach anxiety all but disappears.

    Well worth the $3000 spent. Addictive in a way. I could see myself going through a bunch of money taking all these seminars they have to offer, but I need to work on the basics now. After almost 2 years of telling myself I was going to go on a bootcamp mission like the one I'd read about in The Game, I finally bucked up and did it. And that in itself puts me bounds forward.

    Love Systems University. Get your liberal arts degree alongside your venusian arts degree. Have homework assignments that you have to bring in completed. Exams consist of field missions you have to complete in front of instructors (Pick up that girl; take her home inside an hour, etc.)

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    I didn't think I looked that dorky on Dr. Phil...

    Except that the suit they put me in looked like my mom dressed me.

    Good work. Sounds like you are doing a lot of post BC work... Enjoy the ladies of NY.

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    Soul Day Game Seminar

    Sould did a great job illustrating the techniques needed for day game. I had attended a bootcamp back in June, and I think I will easily be able to take what I learned from Soul and apply it to day game. It is easy to see that Soul has mastered this particular part of the game.

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    Thanks for the props guys. It was an intense but action packed weekend!

    This guy was so chill which was nice because I started to get the feeling that I needed to increase my energy level 10-fold after hanging with Sphinx and Braddock. But the chillaxed style is more my vibe.
    It's interesting, when you start meeting more people who are good, you realise that different styles can all work. Don't ever think you NEED to be like one particular person just for the sake of it, but be the person you want to be - if that includes elements of certain people's styles, then that's fine.

    Glad you got so much out of the weekend, keep up the good work!

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