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    Another way of getting good rapport - and maybe even looking into your partners soul is this simple technique...It's also a way of getting to know someone on a higher level.

    Ask your partner if they would like to explore a shamanic technique. Basically the idea is to focus on/in each others right eye while you match each others breathing rate breathing. (Some people say that the left eye is connected with the emotional side of her body, and the right eye is connected with the physical side of her body. I'll try it out with the right eye and post the results.)

    If you are not used to notice someones breathing rate ask your HB to raise their hand when they breathe in and lower it when they breath out (and you do the same.) This makes it much easier to match breathing.

    Do a test for 30 seconds then have a break for a minute and then do it for a couple of minutes. Share with each other what you experienced.

    I did this with a HB I met three days ago and asked her how she felt when the whole soul gazing thing was going on what she said blew me away.

    godarse: "How'd you feel when the whole soul gazing thing was going on?"

    HB: "I kind of just ...fell deep into your eyes, you have the amazing eyes, and I'm sure talking to you would never be the same again...I'd have to look at you the same way everytime!"

    Followed by some random sounds life "OMG" , "WOW" and a word i didn't quite catch. And what she said became true. From then onwards, whenever we were out with, me or her friends, everytime we'd look at each other and she'd look at me with this glazed out of focus eyes and I could almost understand what she was "saying". Blew me away.

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    Fucking amazing!! Been looking for something like this

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    How is it to do this in late comfort (C3)? I've tried it twice in C1, but the chicks wouldn't do it then.
    Lovin this game , practise makes perfect. The more you practise in the field the better you'll get.


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