Stick with itÖ good things will happen
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  1. Stick with itÖ good things will happen

    3 #close in one day! Hot Massage therapist, sexy MILF, and a cute bartender all in one day! Thatís not to mention the dozen job/mentor offers! This is a HUGE improvement over what I was capable of even a few weeks ago. Iíve been practicing MM on and off (more off) for about the last year, and I think a lot of it is starting to gel! There are all sorts of advice I can give to others that I learned from this last week, but I will stick with the big 2.

    First, Let it go to your head! I was at an awards dinner with my boss and he received the top sales award out of the whole state of CA. He gave me a lot of the credit, and I let it go to my head. I recognized the accolades, but wasnít bragging about it. I had dozens of people trying to talk to me all evening! USE ANY DHV YOU CAN TO ITíS FULL POTENTIAL!

    Second, Observe and mimic other alphas. This awards dinner was full of the top 100 or so sales people in all of ca, as well as a dozen or so top execs (regional and national VPís). It was amazing to watch. These people are the kings of all alphas, been top sales people for years and know how to lead all sorts of conversations. Just approach, open, DHV, add a touch of alpha and watch these people work! Iíve picked up so much great stuff my head is swimming. If I remember even a 10th of it Iíll be twice the alpha I was before.

    Remember that you are enthusiastic, interesting and in-charge, and people will follow! Practice these tactics in every part of your life, and you will get better! I still have a lot to learn, but itís REALLY fun when you start to get the hang of it.

    Holy shit this has been an awesome week! Off to bed kids!

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    very nice! 3 #s in on day, NOT BAD!! i like it!


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