Neg'ing An Obstacle?

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  1. Neg'ing An Obstacle?

    Is it ever appropriate to neg an obstacle? Because I'm slightly confused about something...

    The PUA's always recommend befriending the group and to occasionally neg your target...ok, so...we'll assume that the group doesn't care and still enjoys your company.

    Would there be anything wrong with neg'ing an obstacle? Because I was just thinking, it may make you look more confident and require no one's approval, thus giving you a DHV.

    What do you think?

  2. Maintaining a playful attitude is good, so a little teasing is fine. But an actual neg shoulnd't be used on obstacles. Obstacles have to be put in the friends zone. Also, the target shouldn't feel like using negs is the way you treat most women. She has to wonder why your treating her that way so she will build curiosity and interest.


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