Fader Phone Consultation - August 2008
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    Fader Phone Consultation - August 2008

    Date of Consultation: Monday, August 11, 2008.

    A conversation with Fader

    This has been the most enlightening conversation I have ever had.
    You who are reading this are probably reading this for one of few reasons:
    1. You are seeking answers to questions which have no answers online.
    2. Entertainment.
    3. You are Fader.
    This review will be lengthy, so to save time for those who just want to know whether or not Fader should be contacted for guidance, I have only this to say:
    He is generous, sincere, and not afraid to speak his mind.
    He will comment on things are, yet he will instill within you the belief that what you want is fully attainable.
    When you speak to him, you feel as though you have known him for ages,
    and he rips right to the core your situation.
    The money you pay to speak to him is nowhere near the amount he deserves.
    My experience was like a trip through the whole creation of the world.
    Put forth the money. It's not much in the grand scheme of things.
    And, when the conversation is over, you will want to give him more.
    I did.
    I felt that the 100 I was giving him for my half hour was a disservice, so I asked him how I could give back.
    He only asked for a review.
    Napoleon Hill once wrote in his book The Law of Success in 16 Lessons that we must render more service to people than they pay for.
    Fader went above and beyond.
    I am the type of person who believes in an equal trade system, so
    I aim to make the impact of this review equal to the power he instilled in me.
    The review is very long, so if you're in a hurry and want to know if Fader's worth it, I give him a perfect 10. For insight into why I give him this score, the answer lies in the review.

    The Review

    My story is one of great complexity. I was basically back stabbed by my best friend. I was in love with a girl who loved me back. My best friend shattered my world, and he destroyed what I had worked so hard to establish. I take full responsibility for my actions, however. It was my mouth that destroyed me. I spoke to him in secrecy, and he opened his mouth to rattle my cage. The girl broke off from me completely. And my mission was to get her back, to restore what we had, and to throw that fucker of a friend out of my life.

    I spent months searching for an answer. I watched The Secret twice, I bought law of attraction books, I skimmed through Think and Grow Rich (i had already completed it once), studied heavily on materials presented by David Deangelo, kept journal entries to thrust my mind to a state of positivity, and these things only helped me achieve one thing: Keep my sanity.

    I was in love. The feelings were returned to me. Then with the mouth of a friend, everything fell to pieces. There were times when I felt so out of touch with sympathy that thoughts of suicide would fill my mind. At many times, it felt like the right thing to do. I, who have never drank, smoked, nor taken any drugs in my life, was thinking in this kind of frameset.

    I was amazed at the person I was becoming. I felt like I was on top of the world sitting on a throne that would bring me close to cloud 9. When that throne was taken out from beneath me, I fell hard. I hit below rock bottom. I ended up in a very dark place, and there were no windows, no doors. There were only walls. And, for a while, I had forgotten what the sky looked like.

    But, I kept pushing on. I kept surrounding myself in models of excellence. Little did I know that this poison, this punishment, this prison i had fallen into would grow into the greatest gift I have ever received. I found myself suddenly studying the teachings of Machiavelli in The Prince, Sun Tzu's Art of War, I started forming my whole life around models of excellence. The words of Dr. Wayne Dyer began entering my heart, and Ayn Rand would preach to me to carry on. I would remember Howard Roark from The Fountainhead, I would start reading through essays of Emerson, and I became acquainted with Anthony Robbins.

    These were outlets for me. In that pit I was in, there were no ladders. Instead these books, audio series, videos, and people were what I used in order to climb upwards.

    In my great struggle of moving toward the sky, I began to lose more and more of myself. There would be moments when I'd say that I should give up. But, my soul would not allow it. This festering wound would only get worse if I stopped trying. Studying, reading, and learning would at least temporarily relieved the pain.

    The words of Lao Tzu and Wallace Wattles would speak to me. They would tell me that the universe is beautiful, it is perfect, and it is always moving toward completion. That the way of nature is toward perfection. And that if we listen to that voice of nature, if we move with it, if we live in the now, Nature will respond to us because the universe knows only growth.

    I secluded myself in my room one day, and I locked the door. I needed answers. And I knew these answers could not be found in books, tapes, movies, or people. The question was of purpose. What was my purpose in life? During these battles within me, I needed to find reason for existence. I needed to find reason to carry on. I did not leave until six hours later. I discovered my purpose in life. It gave me the strength to tackle on the greatest hurdles. My purpose was...something I did not expect. In the deepest realm of my mind, a voice echoed out, and it told me that I was here in order to become the very best I could be in the realms of Physical Fitness, Sex, Seduction, Health, Fashion, Wealth, Internal (spiritual) and External Strength, and Greatness so that I may inspire people to live for a higher purpose. My purpose: "Do not try to change others. Instead, become so great that people decide to change themselves after meeting you."

    I thought the battle would be over by now, but it still persisted. I still hadn't fixed the situation. No matter how much I had progressed, I still could not feel fulfilled. Something was missing. I was a devout believer in the Law of Attraction (watch the secret, read Think and grow rich, and look up wallace wattles for further information), and i was starting to lose faith in it. I would read up on David Deangelo and Susan Jeffers. They would both teach that we have no control of our outside world. That we are separate from the outside. Yet, the Laws of Attraction would state the exact opposite: We become what we think, we experience what we feeling inwardly, and our reality is a direct reflection of our thoughts.

    It was not long before I started giving up on myself. I had spent a good amount of money trying to reach for an answer to my problem (my problem was far more complex than what I have written.). There was this voice inside of my soul, however, that kept telling me to push forward even while I was bleeding.

    So I had reached a point of great mental strength. I had devoured countless hours of material, I had associated myself with some of the greatest thinkers the world has ever had. My one problem was that I could find no one who thought like me. There was no one out there Moving toward "growth". Everyone was in a constant limbo, and as I tried to move forward, it only seemed like it was I who was stepping away from Reality. At some point, I had seen The Count of Monte Cristo (Watch this movie. It will change your life). It seemed as though the story was really about me. A man betrayed by his best friend since childhood, thrown into a prison in which there was no sky, and darkness was sovereign. So, with this in my mind, I pushed forward.

    I only had one more option left. I needed to talk to someone. I needed to reach out to someone who could address my issue specifically. I began to fully realize the proverb, "When the student is ready, the teacher arrives." In my soul, I knew that I was ready to reach out for someone. A few minutes later on Google, I found what i was searching for. A telephone training service offered on www.lovesystems.com

    I talked to Fader last night at around 10:00pm. I hadn't told him this on the phone, but my mind had been in a great imbalance that day. I was going from severely positive to negative, and I couldn't control it. My mind kept going toward negativity, but i was pushing for positive. Though I would never, ever, end my life, for some reason a part of my mind kept trying to persuade me how the girl would stop hating me if I just ended it right there. Some part of me, a big part, somehow felt as though the answer would come through fader. But another part, a smaller part, felt that if this man couldn't come through, if he could not fill that missing piece, then I'd be...Fucked. It would mean more learning, more devouring of knowledge, and more time trying to resolve this issue, while losing more and more faith in myself as a powerful being.

    Upon hearing my story, Fader became very angry, and he began cursing my friend. We began talking about how to fix the situation, and he gave me some amazing pointers. And, one thing led to another, and we began speaking about pyramids, archetypes, soul guides, energy, philosophers, atlantis, the mayans, the mayan calender, 2012, the astral plane, and...the law of attraction. My mind was going into a frenzy. Suddenly, I found myself speaking to someone who was by far more spiritual than anyone else I had ever met. The things I would learn about, he would LIVE.

    He did not teach me how to just get the girl back. He taught me he to live once more. We talked about ascension, and prophecies, and how the world is moving toward something amazing. A great awakening, if you will. As Fader said, "We're beginning to see more and more things rise as we draw near 2012, which will be an awakening for us. You're starting to see things such as The Secret and The Tower emerge." We talked about the ancient teachings of a man named Thoth who made predictions of the times that are about to come. My mind seemed to be elevated to a higher degree of thinking than it had been in the longest time. I finally started feeling this closeness to the universe come back to my veins.

    That conversation destroyed my victim mentality. Suddenly, I began to see myself as a creator once more. My mind shifted to a level of positivity which empowered me to completely release my inner negativity. And, I began to see my situation in the same light as someone would perceive a great, holy, and sacred treasure.

    My one hundred dollars suddenly seemed miniscule, and I asked how I could give back to Fader. He only asked that I write him a review. I came here last night too tired to write because I felt that in a more wakened state, I could write something far better. However, when I went to the forums, I found an advertisement to something that really caught my eye. It was called "The Missing Secret". It seemed as though this Law of Attraction was once again working for me because I truly felt that there was something left out of the movie The Secret. This Product The Missing Secret addressed that issue.

    Fader burned a vision within myself that was so strong that I escaped the hole instantly. And it feels as though I am back on that throne; however, this time I am ready to sit on it. As Fader said, "You are the CEO of your life. If someone fucks with you just once, you kick them out. There are always better people out there waiting to come into your life."

    So, now I am back on top of the world. And this time, I have brought along Machiavelli, Wayne Dyer, Emerson, Rhonda Byrne, Thoreau, David Deangelo, Lao Tzu, Sun Tzu, The Count of Monte Cristo, Jack Canfield, Dr. Paul, Susan Jeffers, Wallace Wattles, Randy Pausch, Ayn Rand and Fader. Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants." Touche.

    Fader, if you're reading this, I truly, deeply, sincerely thank you. I want this review to stand out so that others may see you for who you really are. So that others who have fallen off their track may instantly come to you for guidance. A hundred dollars wasn't enough. This review gives me the fulfillment I needed. Consider us even.
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    Thank you so much for the kind words. I had a lot of fun talking with spirituality about you. I couldn;t believe how much you knew!

    It was a lot of fun and it was ashame about your friend but good riddance to bad rubbish. I only wished I had learned that I was your age.

    I will def be talking to you again soon so be easy and keep improving
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