fuck buddy acting kinda weird
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  1. fuck buddy acting kinda weird

    I want to pick you brains on this:

    I have this fuck buddy who's been acting kinda weird lately on various

    First some background info:
    - I agreed that she could date other men & me date other girls
    - She says she only feels lust for me, no other feelings
    - I asked her for us to be sexually exclusive for some time, on which she

    The situation:

    * I went out for a drink with another girl a couple of weeks ago.
    She admitted last week that she was feeling bad and a little jealous at
    the moment when I was out on that date.

    * We met two days in a row. The second day she asked me what i had been
    doing since our dinner the night before. I responded: "I had a delicious
    kiss last night". She reacted really shocked, allthou she was the girl in
    question. Her world really stopped turning at that point.

    * On Sunday she told me she met a colleague (with whom she had sex once a
    long time ago). She said she really wanted to sleep with him again that
    evening, but she couldn't because I was on her mind at that time.

    So what's going on here in your opinion?
    Why is she acting this way?
    Any good advice on how to react in this situation?

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    she wants a relationship mate. it really depends on what you want. in my opinion, fuck buddies never last...they almost always end up developing feelings for you.

    I would consider whether i want a relationship with this girl. Then ask for advise on how you should go about getting your desired outcome.

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    Someone's getting attached.

    Cut her loose.

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    What's weird about it? You said you wanted to be exclusive, which, as far as I'm concerned, isn't an FB. Not sure who was the one who initiated the FB thing here, whether it was her and you went along with it, or you did but put conditions on it.

    Either change the status from FB to a relationship or end it so she can build something with the guy and move on to someone else. It might not feel good right now. It's nice when it's not coming across as an ultimatum, even though this sort of is. It could also be a test, even though she shouldn't be testing an FB, but to see if you're going to be more than that.

    A lot of FBs wind up getting married, they just don't tell that part of the story to their kids and friends who weren't there the first night.

    It's also not a good idea to spend a lot of time with FBs if you don't want it to turn into a relationship. Just enough time together..

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    Yeah seems pretty clear cut that she wants something more. Maybe she has wanted more for a while but she didn't want to admit it to herself.

    Nightfly, you're right dude, fuck buddies who actually enjoy each others company outside of the bedroom don't stay fuck buddies for long. I've found that one out first hand!

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    Also, I don't know why nobody addressed this, but why did you tell her you had a "delicious kiss" last night? It's all well and good to have a FB and date other people, but you still don't bring up other girls when you're with her. You want to make her feel special, even if you don't want a relationship.

    And I have to agree, if you're sexually exclusive, she's not really a FB, anyway. She's more of a GF with an open relationship, or something like that.
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  7. Mation,

    She was the girl whom I had the "delicious kiss" with...
    I was kinda teasing her & thought she would remember our kiss the night before.

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    Oh. Cool, then.
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  9. Women can't usually detach emotionally from sex the way guys can. She's hurt and jealous that you saw someone else after she's shared her most intimate part with you. Never mind what you arranged - that's just the way they're wired.

    As has already been said FBs rarely last. Maybe she only agreed to it in the first place out of insecurity.

    Or else because she wanted to win you over emotionally. Women incorrectly assume that works with guys just because it works with them.

    I had to let my last FB go because I could see the way it was messing with her mind.

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    Guys give love to get sex

    Girls give sex to get love


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