Sheriff Bootcamp - London, August 2008
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    Sheriff Bootcamp - London, August 2008

    London Comprehensive Boot camp 8th-10th August

    During my summer holiday this year a friend suggested 'The Game' as some reading for the beach. Thing is, it turned out to be reading for the beach, the dolphin show, the cafe, the pool in fact anywhere I could find an excuse to pick it up. Being a single guy in my thirties and somewhat suffering from a 5 year one-itus I thought it was time to take control. Three weeks after reading the book the 'Mystery Method (Love Systems) boot camp was booked!

    After my initial deposit was paid it was somewhat frustrating to find no information on how the rest of the balance could be paid. Indeed it took two emails before I got a response and even then the response was somewhat robotic and uncurtious. No matter I was booked and ready to dust the cobwebs from my balls! Watch out world here I come!

    The boot camp was being held at the Express Holiday Inn in Old Street (east London) As there was only a three hour break between the end of each day's seminar and meeting for the 'in field' I thought it would be best to book a room in the same hotel especially since I thought we would be frequenting that area at night. A word of warning about the hotel. There was no food whatsoever! In fact I actually started to look like a kebab! The staff were very friendly but all in all I could have got somewhere a lot better for less money. It was however convenient.

    I was a little unsure of who to expect the other students would be like. After a conversation with a friend I thought they may have fallen into three categories.

    1) Regular Joes that just need a bit of a kick up the ass (people like me)
    2) Very very shy people
    3) 50 year old men that still live with their mum
    4) 50 - 60 year old men who were millionaires

    I was amazed that everyone one seemed to be pretty normal! Expectations mean shit!

    As I opened the door with a massive sign on it saying ' LOVE SYSTEMS', which was visible to the entire hotel, itís fair to say that my heart was pounding! The first guy that stood out and introduced himself was 'Ian Wright' errr I mean 'V'. ''Hello mate! I'm V! Whatís your sticking point?" "To be honest dude I don't even know what a sticking point is" "You will by the end of the weekend dude" he said with a warm smile. V was a really nice guy, very knowledgeable and very personable. I later found out that he was pretty much the right hand man to 'Sheriff', who ran day one and three of the seminar and all the logistics in-between.

    Sheriff was also a nice guy. In fact of all the 12 or 13 instructors, that were there at different points of the day and night, I cannot thing of one that I had the slightest feeling of contempt for or any that gave off a 'big headed' or 'cocky' approach whilst delivering their specific subject matter during the seminars.

    It should be pointed out that the structure and some of the psychology behind the 'Mystery Method' was a lot to take in. These guys really go into depth about why things happen and exactly whatís going on every step of the way and so itís easy to get lost. Be prepared to drink lots of coffee and redbull. Thatís not to say that the Seminar was not fun! There were countless times everybody cracked up!

    Day one, between the students, felt a bit like everyone sniffing each others bums. Students were socialising although everyone was a little introverted, myself included. This was completely different the next day after a night in the field. At the seminar and at the infield pre-meet in the club we were instructed to use the opening lines we had learned during the day. We were told that day one in field was nothing more than just opening as many girls as possible; even if that was asking 'Do you know where the toilet is?' Me and another couple of guys were instructed to go with a guy called 5pointZero. Normally I would consider myself to be pretty confident. You should meet this guy! The attitude of this guy is one thing I would like! My only critism and its not really a critism is that he was so good and so confident that it was making me feel less confident and more self conscious. This was evident in the metamorphosis of 'Approach anxiety'. I muscled through. In fact if it has been true about how many times I asked where the toilet was I probably could have filled a petrol tanker!!

    During the night instructors would rotate and I found myself paired with a guy hmmm can't remember his handle but if we call him 'Sheriff younger brother' people will know who I am talking about. He was a yank. He still had the confidence about him that 5pointZero had but seemed to deliver it like he was stoned. My confidence grew a little and things started to improve. Soon as I did well once I was hungry for more. For some reason all I could hear in my head was something 'V' had said on the first day of the seminar 'Lets face it we all like porn....and believe me I have seen some nasty shit!' The night ended with two number closes and a facebook! I was chuffed!

    On day two the seminar was led by Mr.M. This was a guy who was clearly a leader in the field. This guy really knew his shit. At points it was a little frustrating as there was so much theory and not enough materials / routines although at the end some practical lines were delivered that would prove invaluable for the second night in the field! Mr.M went into a lot more detail about the underlying complexity of mystery method specifically concerning attraction. You really have to concentrate hard (nothing to do with him) just because it was all very scientific. On entering the taxi to take us to the venue, which was the second night, I had forgotten everything! What the fuck?!

    "Listen to me mate if your gonna do this you gotta stay sober"! V said after watching me do my third shot! I was obviously a little nervous. I won't go into the detail of the night but needless to say that everything I had learnt over the past two days spewed out of my mouth with the beauty of a bouquet of flowers.......

    At this point I would like to lay claim to my first contribution to the community! This can be said when a girl spills a drink over herself, someone spills one over her or if really confident a direct approach after she has come inside from the rain. My situation was that she was laughing so hard at all my attraction lines (thanks Mr.M) That she turned round and said....

    "Your so funny I think Iím gonna piss my pants!"

    My response........

    "To be honest I was expecting to get you wet tonight but just not this soon!"

    It went down a fucking storm and I have no idea where it came from!!

    Anyway back to review.......

    Day three was about comfort and am happy to say was a much more routine based lecture. Some excellent examples of what to say and when to say it. Priceless! I particularly found some of 5pointZeros lines absolute genius!

    A nice touch was that after day three had finished we were invited to have dinner in the Italian over the road with all the instructors. There was no teacher pupil attitude throughout the entire weekend and felt very much (maybe naively?) that these people were or would be my friends.

    In summary the boot camp was worth EVERY penny. My experience was that everything just seemed to come together and you suddenly realise how much you had learnt. All four of the 'love systems' instructors (Sheriff, V, 5pointZero and Mr.M) were first class and I consider myself extremely lucky, especially with Sherriff at the helm! If this was Amazon it would be getting 5 stars!
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    Dude. I am so glad that you had a really positive experience. I would like to point out that although I look like Sheriff's younger brother, I am in fact older than him. I just live better. You did a really great job both nights man. It was a great experience for everyone and I can't wait to read more of your field reports in the future.

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    IBall pretty much gave an extensive review of our experience and what happened at the bootcamp. But here is my take on it.

    For me, i had done lots of reading of theory after reading The Game which i think most people seem to have read which has sparked there interest in picking up. I read magic bullets, mystery method, listened to the interview series. Although i knew a lot of what this game is all about. You could say i knew TOO much. I never cold approached girls, even with random guys with just a bit of banter, it was rare.

    I basically came on this bootcamp for the infield experience as i needed people to put pressure on me to cold approach, especially groups!!

    At 2pm, the 1st day, i went to the seminar which was 5 hours long. Its a long time to sit in a room but the hours passed so quickly. I still felt it was not enough time as there is sooo much to learn lol.

    I was first greeted by Sheriff and sat down with a few of the intructors and students, getting to know each other before the session began.

    I was sort of expecting to see a lot more older blokes in their 40's etc but everyone was really cool and easy to get on with. Everyone had there lives together but wanted more from their love life so we could all relate with one another. I believe i was the youngest there at 21, most people there were in the 25-35 age group.

    It was a nice suprised to see that there were around 12 instructors as i thought we were only going to be with at most 3. All the intructors were fantastic and really cool guys and never stopped helping you even when they were officially finished teaching.

    The 1st infield night we were taken to a club where we were expected to open anyone and everyone. This is what i mainly came on this bootcamp for.
    On the way there i have to say...i was ready to puke man seriously. When i got to the venue, we were put into groups but i had 1 on 1 with every instrcutor there. The peer pressure of opening sets was really needed for me to do this.
    As i opened my first couple of sets, the anxiety kept getting less and less. Yes i got blown out a few sets with girls thinking this guy is weird because i only really knew how to open and could not tihnk of anytihng to trnasistion into.
    My problem all this time which i have noticed is that i was worried that by opening sets i would look an idiot and loose value. I thought all this time when i went out i was showing high value by standing around looking confident but this was totally wrong. I was showing low value by not opening, so there was nothing to loose!!!! Just go for it who cares!!

    By the end of the night i had opened about 20 sets (more than i EVER have in a club). The approach anxiety was virtually gone and i had really enjoyed my night. I had gotten to know a few girls who i got on well with and felt i could of number closed and kissed closed but was worried about doing. I will get this done very soon. I even went direct that night for the 1st time in my life. I have never introduced myself to a girl before and told her she was hot. Unfortunately because i was new to it and i didnt really find them really attractive, none of them really went anywhere.

    The seminar on the 2nd day was lead by a dude called Mr M and seriously, you can tell this guy had amazing social skills. It was all about building attraction.

    The 2nd infield night i went to a more high tempo club which was similar to places i usually go to back in newcastle. My sort of scene. Again it consisted of lots of opening but more of building attraction and qualification. I got some success but again i never went for k or n closes I will get this sorted!!!!!!!! However i got boyfriends mad which was funny but something i dont really want to make a habit.
    One experience i had on this night was that i went direct on a girl standing by herself, got her name and got her to qualify when her boyfirend shows up who she never mentions haha. I would of panicked at this point but from learning new skills i managed to befriend the guy and end the convo on a positive. Again, i was not very lucky with this sort of thing happening quite often.

    The last seminar was basically a debrief of everyone's experience and i have to say EVERYONE looked like they had improved their game dramatically since they had been here and looked like they had really enjoyed their time. Then we moved further up the process learning about comfort and relationships which we learned some really powerful stuff. Comfort is something i feel i do really well at but i still learned more on how to improve it.

    To all the guys who are reading this, keep in touch!! Ive added a few of you on facebook already, it was great meeting all of you

    For the intructors....DUH DUH DUH

    You guys are all friendly, helpful, always willing to teach you everything blah blah but dont think im gona lick your arses

    You all had unique styles which i thought was fantastic.

    Sheriff: You can tell he has a tonnes of experience, really sound guy.

    Mr M: A social god, i think that sums him up for me.

    5.0: Super confident can think up of some crazy lines on the spot.

    V: Very confident and upbeat guy who you can have a good laugh with

    Jon/Paladin: Really sound guy, always pushing you to improve which i loved so thanks.

    Sam/Stickler: Felt i really got on with him, real genuine and pushed me on like Jon did.

    Sasha: Really fun guy, a laugh a minute, thanks for the dance move techniques i tried them last night, a hot girl got really embarrassed by it lol

    Yenna: Seems to have some serious seduction techniques.

    Jesse: I really wanted to work with him infield but never got the chance.

    To all other instructors i missed out and did not get infield time with it was a pleasure meeting you lot.

    My life will not be the same, it will not only improve with girls but other areas of my life such as work and getting on with random people i come across. Keep in touch man, peace!

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    Hey Lads,

    I'm glad you both got a lot from the workshop, we work on really pushing peoples barriers so that they have a notable change over the weekend and also have a bunch of stuff to continue working on.

    This stuff really does take practise and some of the more advanced concepts will become a lot clearer down the road but you both got a flying start!

    holla at me and keep me updated with your progress!

    Vercetti aka V (lol)

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    London Bootcamp August 8th-10th

    Hi guys, this is my first post on these forums. I was lucky enough to be at the London Bootcamp, run by Sherriff. I thought Id post my thoughts on how it went.

    First, a little background about me. I read The Game about 18 months ago upon the suggestion from a friend. It grabbed my interest and I started reading more and more online and stuff like Magic Bullets. I tried one or two things out either by myself or with my friend, who had been inspired by going on a bootcamp in Vegas. In this period, I opened about 7 sets or so without any real success.

    Eventually, I plucked up the courage to sign up for a bootcamp to give myself a kick up the backside. I was looking forward to the in-field stuff the most.

    On the first day (Friday) Sherriff lead the seminar in the afternoon, which was great. It was brilliant to see that the other students were mostly like me; normal guys from varied backgrounds who wanted more choice and success with women. To actually meet PUAs who live and breathe game was fantastic. They all seem to be such genuine, sorted, confident individuals, each with their own personality and style. Listening to their anecdotes and experiences was brilliant, so much better than reading posts online or in books.

    Friday night was all about opening. I got to work with a few instructors, including KeyChain and a naturally funny American guy who I cant remember the name of. Most of us (me included) were pretty nervous. I opened about 14 sets that nights and had an absolute blast. After the first few, the whole night became a blur. A couple of sets I actually opened twice during the night, but had no idea until they said something like,

    "You;ve already asked us that."

    Normally i would have been really embarrassed, but in my state of mind, I didnt really care to be honest.

    The second day seminar was lead by Mr M and it was obvious from the start that this was a guy with serious social skills and first class Game. We covered aspects of game after transitioning.

    The night time was in On Anon again. I opened far fewer sets this time (about 6), but my sets stuck for longer, and no blow outs. I was mostly working with Black Swan, Starlight and Sherriff. Here are some notable moments that stuck out for me:

    1) Approaching two girls dancing with each other. No words as such. I just held out my hands palms up, held my frame, and they put their hands in mine. I made them do a twirl, then high-fived them. I will never forget the power of that moment. I didnt know that was even possible.

    2) Opening a seated two set, one of whom was married. The husband came over and got all aggressive. I was really scared and thought he was gonna punch me. blackstar came over quickly and diffused the situation, whilst I ejected. Thanks to Black Star for that one.
    I couldnt open for about 30 mins after this cos I was quite shaken up and needed a drink.

    3) Staying in a really attractive seated 2-set with the opener, "I want you to tell me to fuck off." I was sure they would blow me out but they didnt, and i really liked them. But, I didnt choose a taget or isolate. Still, I pushed the kino and was touching both their thighs at the same time for 10-15mins. They were really comfortable with that and I had fun with the interaction.

    One of the aims for the second night was to fall over the cliff edge of Kino i.e. push too far and let the girl tell you to back off. As Sherriff said, if you havent fallen off the edge of the cliff, you dont know where the edge is.

    Im happy to say I fell of the edge. I was talking to an Icelandic gir, kinoing her shoulders and back whilst talking and she told me i was in her personal space. Success!!

    Overall, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I had my eyes opened to what was possible with women. I started to get over my AA. I started not not to care what strangers think about me. I started to take risks.

    If anyone is thinking about whether they need to go to a bootcamp, just do it.

    Thanks to all the instructors who helped me, including Sherriff, Keychain, 5.0, Starlight and Black Swann. Best of luck to all the other students. Keep pushing yourselves guys.

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    My response........

    "To be honest I was expecting to get you wet tonight but just not this soon!"
    Wow, love it! Great expression of sexuality. Consider that stolen, my friend.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm expecting this to be a long post, so just bear with me ...

    I'm the South African lad who attended - you all know who I am. Changed my name to Joe, because I'm screwing up the start of sets when people can't pronounce my name. I actually introduce myself as Joe now :-)

    This is my first time I'm getting to a pc, otherwise I would have posted my report already ...

    I can really relate to iBall - the initial deposit/payment is a pain in the ass. I flew in from South Africa, and almost had to miss the seminar because of this. Sheriff was very cool about it and said I can sort it out when I get back home. Thanks bud.

    I was very surprised that the instructors were very cool guys. The were all "human beings" who we could relate to. And more than anything else, the whole seminar was so much FUN. I was expecting a very robotic and pretexted seminar, but it was in fact a fun and entertaining experience.

    My "game" is probably higher than the average guy. I've done extensive prior reading, although I still feel like a student and always will be open to learn more. There was not a lot of new info for my in the day work. Most of it is already in magic bullets/IVM/mystery method book. I found the instructors all to be extremely well informed. All of them know the theory extensively PLUS have it internalized.

    Two instructors that really stood out for me, maybe because I was fortunate enough to spend more time with them than the others were 5.0 and vercetti!! Both have very strong inner game. To sum it up, they know their shit! Vercetti and 5.0 together really gave me what I would call and attitude make-over.

    Seeing that I don't really know London, the instructors let me tag along with them and follow them to the venue (On anon). In this time, they pushed me with cold approaches/direct game. This was just as useful the time spent at the actual venue. Imagine having 6 instructors and 1 student. 6 times the value. Again, it just demostrates how amazing these guys are.

    The night outtings are where the fun really started for me. The instructors really pushed my boundaries. We were so fortunate, because there were a lot of trainee instructors who helped out, which meant that almost every student had his own instructor. I think this was where I met 5.0 for the first time. At this stage I was still a little sceptical, because I had not seen all instructors in action yet. I was not disappointed with any one of their "demos". 5.0 helped me with a very insteresting dynamic - you verbalize something "bad", but act in a "good" manner. It's a skill that everyone needs. From the second I learned it, I could apply it, and it works! Vercetti helped me understand how a woman's mind works and how they are just as sexual as a man.

    I did 15+ approaches this night.

    Day 2 we met Mr M, also another character with very strong inner game. Again, just like all the other instructors, he knew his stuff very well!! He taught us about attraction. Most of it is covered in magic bullets though.

    Night 2 - myself with three other guys went to a much higher energy venue, called Inferno. Vercetti was one of our instructors. Sheriff arranged that some of his friends meet us there, who helped as instructors. One of which was M.... M is more of a natural. He runs on autopilot with no scripts, no routines, absolutely nothing. He quickly helped identify major sticking points, of which my biggest one was that I was not smiling enough. And later, with M and Vercetti's advice combined, I realised that I was also not having enough fun. You're probably asking "wtf? isn't it obvious??" It may sound like it, but no, not always. I used to go out, with the sole purpose of finding women. Vercetti, M and 5.0 helped me understand that if I am having the most fun, and I'm the coolest guy there, women would naturally be attracted to me. So you don't even need to run routines and all other shit - just have fun, be cool and enjoy. Things will naturally fall into place.

    Another very useful dynamic vercetti helped me with was the energy level at which you come into the set. I read this, but there's no way text can justify how it should be done. Vercetti demo'd it perfectly to me. He's a big guy and can appear very intimidating, but his social skills are fantastic.

    Day 3 was theory on comfort, isolation, and seduction. We also got some bonus info, which I didn't anticipate, on day game and grooming, among others.

    In conclusion,
    1) Theory - the instructors are very well informed, and you won't find anyone better to teach you. I would recommend reading magic bullets before you go onto the bootcamp, so you can just fill in missing gaps.
    2) In-field - There is no way any text can explain or demonstrate what you'll learn from the instructors in the clubs.
    3) Money well spent!


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    Quote Originally Posted by J03 View Post
    Vercetti, M and 5.0 helped me understand that if I am having the most fun, and I'm the coolest guy there, women would naturally be attracted to me.
    Awesome, couldnt have summed it up better myself - this is exactly what we try to impress on every guy that comes out with us; be the party!

    Was great to meet you all, and I for one was very impressed how well you all handled the concepts and were willing to put everything into practice.

    Make sure you all keep in touch so we know how you're all getting on, and I look forward to some crazy field reports from you all!

    Former Love Systems Instructor

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    Quote Originally Posted by drummerboy View Post
    Thanks to all the instructors who helped me, including Sherriff, Keychain, 5.0, Starlight and Black Swann. Best of luck to all the other students. Keep pushing yourselves guys.
    Mate, was a pleasure to work with you! Lol, we had some good times that night

    Just remember to keep on applying all that you've learned (I know you will) and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve!

    To the journey,



    'It was literally my first step away from books and towards... people (*gasp*). From 0 to direct openers in less than 1 hour, what more do I need to say? That guy makes it easy!' - Joave

    'I've made more progress in a few hours with him, than probably hundreds of hours unaided...and to think there was a point in my life when I thought I would die a virgin.' - Will33t

    'As I approached women, we began to chip away at my technique, refining it with each approach...' - StudentX

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    Review - London Bootcamp Aug '08

    Hi Fellas,

    I was another student at this bootcamp. In fact, it was roundabout this time last week that I was opening my very first set! Just to identify myself to the other students (or PUAs) who were there, I was the guy who got blown out by the girl on the 2nd night who said "you're going to have to think of better conversation than that if you want to talk to me!".

    I pretty much agree with everything that has been said so far. For me, bootcamp was awesome, a real eye-opener as to what is possible. It was a pleasure meeting everybody - all the PUAs and all the students were thorougly good people. I totally agree with iBall, I was surprised that all the students were normal people. I was expecting at least one freak. As I looked around the room, I actually wondered why many of the guys were there. It was quite reassuring.

    I won't go into too much detail about what took place on each day as everybody else has already touched upon this. I'll just summarise it by saying that the tutors who spoke during the day were very good speakers - all of you. That includes, Sheriff, V, Mr. M, Fivepoint0, Dr Yen and Sasha.

    At night time, in the field as you say, it was a pleasant surprise to find a ratio of roughly 1:1 amongst tutors to students. I liked the way that you could change tutors throughout the night to see different PUA gaming styles.

    Good Points.
    • The PUAs are all great people who seemed to have a genuine interest in seeing you do well and offered loads of encouragement throughout the weekend. You have to remember that they got into Game for a reason and thus they sympathise with the newbie well.
    • The whole weekend was really enjoyable. A genuine good laugh throughout.
    • I really admired the ethos of good game. The encouragement to better yourself as an individual in order to improve your performance in field. I think this is referred to as inner game. Project Rock Star I think embodies this idea.

    Bad Points (i'm including these for balance)
    • None whatsover during the day.
    • In field, some of the PUAs were on occasion too good. Once in a while, they would either demo or open a set for you. They would do it so well that it was sometimes intimidating to follow on - you'd think, hell, there's no way i could come across as well as he just did and it would just reinforce personal insecurities.
    • Sometimes, when the PUAs demo, they didn't always follow the model. Sometimes, they adopted a quicker game. Either that or they transition very quickly through the stages. It's very very impressive to see and it serves a purpose to show what is possible. However, i'm not sure its the best place for the newbie student to start.

    • Mr M. - you know this guy is good because on first impression, he is remarkably underwhelming. Then he opens his mouth.. And then you find out that he has written one of the best FRs ever. and then you really believe in the system.. Really wish I could have seen him in the field or had some 1to1 tutoring.
    • Recapping the stories the next day. Hearing people's accounts of the night before. Always fun!
    • Sasha's unique hilarious style of sarging!
    • I wasn't there but when apparantly when Keychain, in mid set, asked V to get the other students to watch .. and then Keychain shows how he k-closes.
    • The whole weekend!!

    It's been a week on and I can honestly say that bootcamp was a positive lifechanging experience for me. Nothing has given me a kick up the back side to encourage me to improve everything about me than this. I've thought about the principles non-stop since it finished. It has spilled over into my work and daily life and already I am seeing changes. My rapport is improving with the people and friends I associate with, not just the "targets" i choose to game. If there is a bootcamp operating near you in the future and you are lucky enough to have the moolah handy then go for it and don't look back!

    Once again, thanks to all the instructors - Sherrif, Fivepoint0, Starlight, Keychain, Black Swan, V, Sasha, Mr M. and any of the other instructors who helped me over the weekend. Really look forward to seeing how you progress on the forums.

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