DLV and DHV together

just a quick question, i'm still struggling to come up with DHV storeys that don't include me saving someone or something.

So i'm wondering is it ok to, put a DLV in the middle or the start of a DHV storey?.

for example, i have a storey about going to the 2000 Olympics in sydney, where me and my mates got lost on the way (cause we are from the country so did'nt know the city at the time) and we ended up walking for ages on one of the main roads DLV.

and from the rest of the part becomes a DHV, by saying that we were dressed up as rockstars and people thought we were in a band, and that we were cool so we had heaps of people from other countrys hanging around us and following us, and at the end of the basket-ball game, which is what we saw we got introduced to the team after the game, and ended up going to the after party with them.

Is something like that ok to tell? by mentioning a small DLV but including a big
DHV storey in the end, i've been using it online, but not sure if it will work in person so well, i have told it to my friends and co-workers and they seemed to like it, but not sure if it's good to tell to the women i'm gaming.

DHV storeys and Aproaching are my major sticking points so far.

I figured since it's now the Olympics, now would be the best time of any to tell that storey, most of my storeys include a little DLV in them and it's not all a DHV.