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  1. Crash and burn

    Wednesday Night, school themed party.
    First approach made by myself, ever, Sat with my friend on a bench behind a 4 set. Target was on the left, as i was approaching 2 left (nothing to do with me) I approached the (now 2 set) from behind....big mistake. went to open with the "do you think guys or girls lie morė" routine but froze up halfway thru, and bailed without even saying i had to get back to my friends.
    a pretty dismal attempt but i think my approach anxiety had the best of me as it took me at least 15 mins to move from my seat across from them. i have a feeling that they knew that i was going to make an approach as the target instantly turned away.

    anyways guys any tips to or comments on improving my game would be greatly appreciated. im not angry just disapointed in my lack of game.

    Later. mr41202422

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    You'll loose the AA if you adhere to 3 second rule. Just go for it. I don't like canned responses - especially the "who lies more?" If they watch VH1, you're busted!

  3. 3 second rule is true

    Yeah the three second rule i wasnt a firm beliver in to start with but i think it will burn my AA. I didnt know the who lies more one was on the MM show. oh well guess ill have to get thinking of new openers.


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    I'm not sure if it was. I just meant be careful about overdone stuff.

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    One good way to destroy your AA is simple practice. I used to be a full-time missionary, and I did a LOT of street approaches (for conversion, not girls ). After a while it just became natural and I completely stopped caring whether I got blown out or not.

    Try for three approaches a day. Figure one before lunch, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. I guarantee you'll feel like an mPUA after two or three days.

  6. do this newbie mission.
    Go out and say "hi" to any girls u see.
    Do it as much u can at least 15 .
    some girls will say back "hi" and some girls will just ignore
    try on moving targets it might be easier

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    Aye, the delayed failed-approach. You built them up so much in your mind that when the time came, your neurons stopped firing.

    I got my very first fake number the other day because of this, don't worry. You'll get rejected (softly or harshly) a lot more than you'll get into the panties of the girl you approach.

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    Baby steps man. Take it one small step at a time. Look on the positives like you went and talked to a random bunch of girls.

  9. If approach anxiety is kickin you ass, may i suggest a crash and burn mission. by this i mean going out to a mall let's say, and opening like 10-15 sets that you absolutely gonna fail. Introduce yourself as lemony snicket and ask where the gum drop factory is. Something stupid, but sound sincere, like you really are lemony. After getting laughed at, AA should be lowered.

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