Fader Bootcamp - Richmond, August 2008
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    Fader Bootcamp - Richmond, August 2008

    Quick Summary
    Fader totally "hit" all of my goals. He taught me an incredible amount about the technical "knitty gritty" concerning each pickup stage. He gave me enough information to take my game to the next level (keep in mind that I took another Love Systems bootcamp last year)

    My Previous Love Systems bootcamp
    I need to start by letting everyone know that I am not one of Fader's typical students. By the time that I took Fader's bootcamp - I had already had experience with a Love Systems bootcamp. In fact I took a bootcamp last November that I was very happy with.

    That first bootcamp introduced me to the game, taught me the basics and then got me into the field very quickly (I think I opened something like 30 sets the first weekend). It was perfect for what I needed at that time - it made me believe that I could learn "pick up" and it got me into the field.

    Why I signed up for another bootcamp
    Everything was going well with the information that I learned in my first bootcamp for about the first 4-6 months and then things stalled. By stalled I mean that I knew the routines that I was supposed to be using per section of the emotional progression model but I didn't really understand the technical details concerning how to put it all together. It almost seemed like I was sloppingly putting transitioing between the stages of the emotional progress model and at times it seemed like I was sloppingly performing within each stage of the model. Basically - it just seemed like something was missing.

    So basically what I really wanted to accomplish by the end of this seminar was to learn more about the technical details of each stage of the emotional progression model and other parts of the game. What I was not looking for were more routines - I wanted to get as much technical information about each stage of pickup as possible.

    Why I signed up for Fader's bootcamp
    I signed up for a bootcamp for several reasons.
    1. He has an amazing number of reviews
    2. The underlying theme behind each review is that Fader goes above and beyond the call of duty.
    3. Another consistent theme is that Fader is very friendly and ends up becoming your friend
    4. I had worked with Fader in the past on a few phone consults and was incredibly happy with the results that I was getting

    Fader's seminar
    Fader's seminar was amazing. His teaching model really helped hammer things home for me. His teach model is as follows
    1. Give an overview of the section of the emotional progression model (or Fader's portion of it). This overview would explain why that portion of the model was important and where it fit in the grand spectrum of things
    2. Give an overview of the different components of that section (i.e Attraction in Fader's model consists of Short and Long attraction)
    3. Explain each component of that section in super detail. The focus of this was on explaining why something worked a certain way.
    4. Give routines for that portion of the section (i.e. short attraction routines, long attraction stories)

    Fader's seminar consisted of the following key sections (forgive me I forgot something)
    - Inner Game
    - Opening (opinion openers only - with a small sprinkling of direct openers)
    - Opening exercises (how to open over the shoulder, proper body language, tone, etc)
    - Attraction (Short vs. long attraction)
    - Story telling
    - Winging
    - Qualification (small, medium, large hoops)
    - Comfort (early, middle, late comfort routines)
    - txt game
    - phone game
    - dates

    Key points
    Here are some key points that Fader emphasizes that are super key for understanding how to do pickup properly
    - value vs. compliance
    - fader's method for troubleshooting a problems is great (simple and efficient)
    - Fader's question list for the question game is amazing
    - vagina farming - wow...'nuff said
    - txt / phone game methodology (he gave a structure for the interaction - not just routines)
    - how and when to setup the date (its all about rewarding her / bringing her into your world)
    - the different types of dates

    Am I happy
    I am extremely happy. I would recommend Fader's bootcamp to anyone looking to take their first bootcamp.

    But even more than that - I would recommend Fader's bootcamp to anyone else who has already taken a previous bootcamp (either with Love Systems or someone else) who is looking to take the next step. Seriously - if you are looking for routines - I would recommend looking elsewhere. But if you really want to know the detailed science behind pickup - then you would have to be nuts to skip Fader's bootcamp.

    Strip Club
    I ended up running into Fader at a strip club in Richmond late on Saturday night. Here is a brief review of that part of the evening
    - Fader did not get one phone number
    - Fader did not get two phone numbers
    - Fader got two phone numbers and an email address from three different strippers.
    - Fader also quickly defused a problematic situation with one stripper and a waitress who were not happy that we were not tipping the dancers (we weren't even checking them out) and used that situation to game more strippers
    - oh yeah - not a single dollar was spent on strippers at the strip club. Money was spent at the bar buying beer though.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions that you may have. This goes for people who are thinking of taking their first bootcamp and also people who are thinking of taking a 2nd bootcamp with Fader

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    I was there


    Why is it that everyone believes that Fader can have girls fall in love with him so much that they follow him around at bars consistently during bootcamps but people have problems believing that he can do the same thing at strip clubs?

    Ok...now back to the strip club.

    I was there - everything that Fader said is true - read my Richmond review for more information.

    So here is one thing that Fader has not mentioned yet - when he talks to strippers, he is not using the same AFC stuff that every other customer uses. He is using conversation that is honestly so interesting that I don't know many people that would be able to "walk" away from him.

    Ok...enough said...Fader kicks ass everywhere - including strip clubs

  3. August 2008 Richmond Review

    I honestly had no idea what to expect when I got to the hotel where the bootcamp was taking place, whether I was going to be scammed or something worse. Meeting Fader and talking with him as we were on our way up assured me that this was the real deal and I was in good hands.
    He makes the experience very comfortable for his students. He makes sure we understand every detail while packing so much stuff (I'm new to all this and I hit information overload near the end of most of the seminars). Fader's knowledge and passion of the subject was probably the two things I will most remember about the weekend, both aspects of him were out of this world. If there were more teachers like him in grade school and college kids would be much better off. Immediately he sucks you into inner game and backs everything up with so much information. All three days of the seminar were jam packed with an unbelievable amount of info.
    I should have put this up earlier in the post but I'll mention it here, Fader builds a lot of trust by discussing his past and how he overcame obstacles in his life (read the Victim Mentality, I've read it three times already).

    The night game was amazing to see, especially in the strip club as mentioned earlier. Fader mentioned in the bootcamp how he can sees and hears everything in slow motion in a way so that he can analyze everything, well watching him game was like watch a true artist at work. Richmond was not a great place for a bootcamp but that wasn't going to stop Fader.

    Overall the seminar was fantastic and the night game was a hell of an experience.

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    Thank you so much guys! This was a great bootcamp. Richmond is def not ideal for bootcamps but we did well. The strip club was very fun and those 3 dancers were just insane. In the field was a lot of fun too. Good times!!!
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    I signed up for and took Fader's three day bootcamp a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome. I was definitely skeptical about what to expect before I arrived, but Fader definitely put to rest any fears I had. He is a down to earth guy. He really takes the time to get to know you and helps address your questions and concerns. I had a blast getting to know him and the other guys at the bootcamp. I would definitely sign up for another course with him.

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