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    Sri Lankan community

    Let this be the start of the Sri Lankan community... any1 who likes to sarge around Colombo... pls drop me a PM

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    hey man! glad to find someone from Sri Lanka.... u still there btw? post is quite old

  3. Hello bros! Boy am I happy to see some fellow Sri Lankans here! Im Casper and Im a Sri Lankan studying in Nepal and Im new to this whole process. I have been doing a lot of downloading and reading on PUA but Im still not familiar with routines and stuff plus Im scared shitless to go infield. Im the average AFC and have been rejected every single time in my whole life and currently looking for someway to improve myself with the ladies. I know I sound like a total loser, but Im 24 and the feeling of suppression and not knowing what to do, are like daily shit for me. I really have a lot of faith in the system and all the dedication in the world. Plus Ive got nothing to lose and I take it as a good thing for it to be so. At the moment Id like nothing more than to hang out with the PUAs from SL and join the community in our small island country. If anyone from anywhere in SL is here, please, please PM me or post a reply in this thread. Thanks a bunch and I look forward to go out sarging with you guys soon. Jaya wewa!!!


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